Our Child’s Keeper Announces the World’s First Online Education Platform Focused on Life-Saving Child Safety Education For Parents

Our Child’s Keeper announces the launch of a premier online education series at www.OurChildsKeeper.com designed exclusively for parents, taught by certified instructors, with a mission to actually prevent preventable injuries—the number one cause of childhood deaths in the United States. One million families lose a child to a preventable injury every year around the world, according to Safe Kids Worldwide, deaths that Our Child’s Keeper says can be prevented with comprehensive training for parents and caregivers.

Our Child’s Keeper believes there are a set of core child protection and safety skills that every parent should know, and they should be able to learn from the very best from anywhere in the world. By providing that access, Our Child’s Keeper aims to empower parents and help them fulfill a primary responsibility to their children: to protect them and keep them safe.  

The available classes include strategies and core skill-building on fundamentals such as: “How to Perform Baby and Child CPR,” “How to Save Your Baby and Child from Choking,” “How to Prevent an Accidental Suffocation and Lower Your Baby’s Risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome),” “Home and Apartment Fire Safety,” “How to Prevent an Accidental Drowning,” and so much more.


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