Park City Guide Works to Inspire Her Team And Her Town.

Deutschlander had been planning and preparing for the rigorous Aspirant exam for over a year. 

Part one of the exam consisted of six, twelve-hour days. training on such topics as, hazard identification, group management, ability to ski in complex environments, risk management, technical systems, terrain assessment, and much more.

The final exam was a four-day practical test.   All trainees were evaluated and tested on every phase of leading a guided ski trip through complex environments.  The instructional team left no stone unturned and challenged the participant’s mental, physical, and social skills.  The instructor’s goal was to ensure that all trainees could handle virtually any situation.   When guiding clients through a variety of complex backcountry skiing and survival scenarios.

Deutschlander said about her adventure, “As guides we often work alone, and it can be like you are in a vacuum.   I am all about trying to become better at my craft.  To be in the hot seat and get top-level feedback is something that I thrive on and want to be known for. I want to know that my team of guides is always being up-leveled and increasing our standards.  We view it as an audit of our ability, commitment, and value.  I want Park City to be viewed as one of the best places on the planet to come and take part in adventures.”

Deutschlander and her husband Weston are the owners of Inspired Summit Adventures.  Inspired Summit is a full-time, year-round adventure retreat company focused on training individuals, teams, and corporations.

The company was founded in 2012 by Shaun who quickly recruited her husband with the intent to inspire the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts, connect people to nature, and help people create a higher sense of self. 

Inspired Summit has a large, highly trained team that offers training and adventure retreats on a variety of topics from backwoods skiing, mountain biking, overnight camping, and climbing experiences.

The Summit team’s motto and mission is to create, “Mindful mountain adventures.”

Deutschlander’s long-term goal is to develop community outreach, events for the community, family experiences, and more access to outdoor adventures for marginalized communities. 

“Shaun came to the program as a dedicated skier, with extensive ski guiding experience, working for her own business. This showed, especially in the movement, client care, and professionalism categories. Her risk management skills were strong, specifically related to non-technical ski touring hazards.” Stated Aspirant instructor Ian Nicholson.         

Deutschlander is currently scheduled to journey to Alaska in the spring of 2024 to complete the final part of the Aspirant exam.

For more information about Shaun, Inspired Summit, or their adventure packages go to call 435.640.4421

Location Info:
Inspired Summit Adventures
8178 Gorgoza Pines Rd, Park City, UT 84098, PCXH+R5 Park City, Park City 84098


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