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She brings over four decades of experience using the DISC profiles to her Leadership coaching through a portfolio of assessments and customized reports. Her People-Literacy and DISC Certification training allows individuals and in-house organizations to set up branded systems in-house with guides for how to apply them to daily business applications and interpersonal interactions. Fans describe her as a Master in the “art and science” of personal style identification.

Dysart, a San Diego, CA resident with international clients, has a Master of Science in Counselling but emphasizes, “Anyone can learn to master the “Art” of interpreting a report of which emotions, needs, and preferences created the strengths of their primary style, by applying the “Science” of PeopleSmart Technology.” Her training and books summarize the wisdom of her 40+ years of interacting with thousands of students of the seminar and coaching programs that benefit from her profiles, providing a positive lens on their strengths. 

Highly recognized as a transformational leader, speaker, author, “People-Smart” coach, consultant, and business owner, Carol is the Founding Partner of People Smart Enterprises, LLC with her facilitation-certified NZ-based business partner, Sandra Davis. These global consultants are fondly known by Excellerated Global Business School for Entrepreneurs ‘Global BSE and Money & You students as “DISC Masters,” and Carol co-authored a book with its CEO, Dame Doria Cordova, titled “Money-Making Systems For People Who Work With People.”

Another way Carol shares her experience is through other specialists who bring PeopleSmart solutions and systems to their markets through PeopleSmart Licenses to private label versions of all their applications and tools for leadership and management training, thus meeting many more company-wide needs for insight, personal growth, and development.

The PeopleSmart DISC assessments have applications in Leadership, Coaching, Sales, Customer Service, and Career Path Planning. Human Resources applications cover Recruitment, Selection, Hiring, Team Development, Alignment, Emotional Intelligence, Motivators, Learning, and Critical Thinking. These and other services help business leaders in every business and industry meet common challenges through online assessments and facilitated Team or Team-leader coaching in both 1:1 live and online training.

Consulting and Training Contracts with all PeopleSmart entities are flexible. They can include Done-For-You or Certification Training of on-site staff for future delivery, management reports, Collaboration, Job Matching, and Team Building, enabling client companies to have full access, 24×7, to the instruments and all PeopleSmart custom applications required.

PeopleSmart.Solutions Offer A Full Spectrum Of HR Capabilities.

The full-service consultancy and training are available within PeopleSmart HR applications draws on personally selected specialists who can offer consulting and provide solutions to meet any HR Department’s needs. From Analytics Technology Surveys, which identify strengths, potential gaps, and weaknesses; the follow-up from those surveys includes integrated Team Development, Collaboration, and Management Reports. With the tools from the Virtual Staffing Experts, Team Managers can achieve greater balance and alignment in every department. As a result, companies experience the “best practices in emotional intelligence fit.”

During recurring discovery meetings, the HR Strategy Specialists learn more about a company’s real needs. Using interactive activities and brainstorming sessions, they profile leadership to determine the balance of styles and learn about a company’s present HR situation, perceived main issues, and desired results. Then the Specialist offers solutions.

 Here is what a PeopleSmart Consultant does during this process with “11 Full-Proof Steps PeopleSmart Uses For Successful HR Planning.”

  1. Prepare a plan as a roadmap!
  2. Create a list of deliverables.
  3. Collaborate with the HR team.
  4. Identify risks.
  5. Create a budget.
  6. Add milestones.
  7. Build compelling creative assets.
  8. Assemble an HR strategy.
  9. Choose the proper channels.
  10. Activate the HR team.
  11. Make it an event

The PeopleSmart Consultant goes the extra mile by delivering to Human Resource Department Professionals these invaluable assets:

  • Tactics – The tactics include Account Management, developing customized solutions, and access to in-house resources to generate the desired results.
  • Education, Training, Compliance – Based on a company’s existing structure and following up on meetings and surveys, they make recommendations and provide content for education, training & compliance (federal and state) across the company’s HR process.
  • Measurement & Benchmark – Each company has its own performance metrics uniquely related to its jobs. A successful HR Hiring Process starts with the position descriptive statistics to help set the norm and expectations, making sure all performance metrics are objective.
  • Communication – Words are the glue that holds the creative aspects together, and good communication matches company objectives within the culture.
  • Analytics – Numbers don’t lie! Let Data Analytics be Your Partner. HR analytics helps HR leaders better recruit, retain, and forecast talent needs. Improve decisions on workforce diversity, employee retention, and talent acquisition (service provided by our affiliate).
  • Talent Management – Measure the Job, Benchmark the Position, Create the AI Model, Verify the Fit, Quantify Performance, and AI Optimize (service provided by our affiliate).
  • Creating the Right Work Environment – Memorable content that homes in on what matters to employees help endear them to your personnel and identify you as an expert in your industry.
  • Analytics – HR analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work. HR analytics, also known as people analytics, workforce analytics, or talent analytics, revolves around analyzing people’s problems using data to answer critical questions about your organization. This enables better and data-driven decision-making.
  • Creative Solutions – Once issues are revealed, solutions can be created. At that point, thinking out of the box is often the key to permanently solving those issues. Creative problem-solving is the mental process of searching for an original and previously unknown solution to a problem.
  • Personalized Training For Next Level of Success – This training is a unique new combination of self-knowledge and consciousness development techniques. They enable a company to build a customized empowering process to help them discover new dimensions of their powers and strengths and create their future with integrity. This process will help them develop and join relationships, families, teams, businesses, and communities that genuinely work for everybody and bring out the best in them.
  • Reports & Collateral – Reports will provide essential details to be used to help develop future forecasts, personnel development, and marketing plans, guide budget planning and improve decision-making. Leadership levels will use reports to track progress and growth and identify trends or irregularities that may need further attention.

For more information about Carol Dysart, Senior PeopleSmart Consultant, and DISC Master Specialist for PeopleSmart Skill Development for Business, Personal, and Family Applications, Leadership, Sales, Team Building, Relationships, Coaching, Customer Service, Parenting, and Teaching, email Carol@PeopleSmart.Solutions.


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