PetaTera and Global Data Bank Announce Global Partnership

New York, NY – PetaTera solves the challenges of the cloud industry that plague organizations worldwide, precisely the issues of speed, privacy, and ethics. Enterprises see rising spending and reliance across the public cloud, private cloud setups, and many firms have to manage hybrid cloud infrastructure. Legacy infrastructure has proven cost and speed prohibitive to effectively run Fourth Industrial Revolution data loads for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Privacy concerns, especially for Mid-market enterprises, have delayed many organizations from migrating to the public cloud as well as providing added complexity in managing hybrid cloud and multi-cloud configurations. Privacy and Data Ethics are inevitably interrelated; the connection is deep even though they are distinct. Data Privacy speaks to data collection within a privacy schema or compliance, but then data collection produces the ethical data dilemma.

Global Data Bank, The World Federation of Advertisers’ strategic partner for data safety efforts, has created a unique end-to-end platform to enable enterprises to control, collect, manage, and activate data in an effective, efficient and safe way. GDB’s cookie-less proprietary solutions leverage 1st party data, contextual affinity, and semantic logic A.I. to help create bespoke consumer interactions which get processed through the PetaTera high-speed private cloud. “We partner with PetaTera because of their performance across all areas of business including privacy and ethics as well as their cutting edge technology; providing our clients next-generation cloud computing capabilities which reinforce our core value proposition and help us to activate our Compliant Media product worldwide,” stated John deTar Global Data Bank CEO.

“The partnership with GDB showcases the mission for excellence, ethics, and cutting-edge technology of PetaTera. Both companies are conscious that nowadays, we must challenge the status quo to do meaningful business in tech. PetaTera’s next-generation cloud has been designed from the ground up to provide a best-in-class architecture that is robust, redundant, and highly scalable to help our clients with speed, privacy, and cost-efficiency for their 4IR loads. PetaTera is not just a cloud provider, but a partner to our clients.” said Sol Girouard PetaTera CEO.

About GDB:

Since 2011, GDB has been a leader in the evolution of the digital ecosystem. GDB is the initial company in LATAM to combine first party data with premium media inventory, as well as the first to onboard and match data in the region. GDB Compliant Media™ and Data Safety Index™ are the latest ways the company is driving the digital change towards data compliance and data ethics in conjunction with high-performing media. For more information, please visit

About PetaTera:

The prevalence of open-source technology and the widespread adoption of multi-cloud architectures have made cloud deployments more robust and cost-effective than ever. PetaTera was built to challenge the current state of the Cloud industry, which is not designed for 4th Industrial Revolution workloads. PetaTera allows you to execute AI, Data Science, and Big Data workloads the way they were meant to: properly designed, fast, and promoting innovation. For more information, please visit


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