PROGRAM 15 Enlists More Major League Scouting Power To New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series Advisory Board and Player Development and Evaluation Events

PROGRAM 15 Enlists More Major League Scouting Power To New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series Advisory Board and Player Development and Evaluation Events
PROGRAM 15 Scouting Reports are just one of the reasons Future Stars Series Scouting and Evaluation events have built a reputation as the most comprehensive amateur baseball player identification and development experiences available.

Backed by decades of Pro Baseball Scouting experience, PROGRAM 15 ’s highly skilled scouting staff provides amateur players in-depth and credible evaluations they can trust, because they are the same credible evaluations that are trusted by Major League scouts and college coaches across the country.

NY Mets Scouting Director, Marc Tramuta stated, “The evaluation staff at the PROGRAM 15 has had their credibility tested daily throughout Major League Baseball. Reading their reports and discussing the players with them directly leaves little doubt as to what you’ll be seeing. It’s easy to look forward to the Future Stars Series Events and the players in them.”

The following former Professional Scouts and Major League veterans have been added to the PROGRAM 15 Scouting Staff and will be covering New Balance Future Stars Series Regional, National and International Player Evaluation events.

Gordon Blakeley – Southeast US and International Scout

Gordon is a 35 year MLB executive with the Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees, and Atlanta Braves as area scout, national cross checker, Director of Professional Scouting, Assistant to General Manager, and Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations. Has been involved in the Scouting, Signing, and Development of many current MLB players such as Alex Rodriguez,David Ortiz, Jason Varitek, Alfonso Soriano, El Duque Hernandez, Miguel Andujar, Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino and Ron Acuna. Blakeley personally signed 13 players that appeared in MLB All-Star Games. He is a New York Yankees executive with 5 WS rings from 1996, 1997-1999, and 2009 and 7 American League Championships.

Ben Moore – Pacific Rim Scout

Ben grew up playing baseball in the capital city of Australia, Canberra, and was one of the youngest players ever to sign a baseball contract with the Australian Capital Territory Acadamy of Sports. Ben represented Australia for baseball in their junior national teams. He signed and played at Howard Junior College in Texas. He is currently the Head Coach of the Downunder Travellers. Ben has a passion for seeing Australian baseball players develop and progress. Ben will lead the scouting efforts in the Pacific rim for PROGRAM 15.

Derrick Ross – Scout

Former MLB scout with 15+ years’ experience identifying the physical and mental tools needed to play Major League baseball. Ross has worked with both the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indians where he was heavily involved in drafting 70+ players from his region, a large % of whom have signed, and are playing in both the Majors/Minors. Ross has multiple connections to college coaches, professional scouts, pro coaches, and front office executives that he utilizes to advise players.

Nick Brugh – Scout

Brugh most recently served as a Scout with the Tampa Bay Rays. Prior to Tampa Bay, he spent 4 years in the Pittsburgh Pirates Player Development Department with MiLB Operations, Scouting, Research, Baseball Tech, and Video. Nick also worked at Dominican Republic complex for the entire 2016 season and was a member of the 2017 EL Championship Staff. Nick is an alum of Walsh University (Canton, OH) and was a pitcher for the Cavaliers.

Bill Bliss – Scout

Bliss was a 3rd round draft pick out of Villanova University as an RHP in 1991. He went on to play in the Chicago Cubs and Colorado Rockies systems for 7 years. After his playing days, Bill scouted 4 years with the Baltimore Orioles, coached 2 years with the Philadelphia Phillies, scouted 6 additional years with the AtlantaBraves, and also coached 2 years in the Atlantic League. He is a pitching consultant with various travel team organizations, and signed Ryne Harper in the 37th round out of Austin Peay University, called up by Mariners in 2016 and in MLB camp with Twins in 2019.

Tim Moore – Scout

Moore was drafted professionally in the 13th round of the MLB Draft out of High School and has an 8 year minor league playing career. He attended MLB Scout School in 2001 and went on to scout 15 years as a Professional/Amateur Scout. His resume includes being an Amateur Scout for the Cleveland Indians (2002-2004), AtlantaBraves (2004-2011), and a Pro Scout for the 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros (2013-2017).

Darin Blair – Scout

Blair started as an Associate Scout with the Kansas City Royals. He worked for the Kansas City Royals 1996-2000, Montreal Expos 2001, Florida Marlins 2002-2006, Baltimore Orioles 2006-2013, and Atlanta Braves 2015- present. Darin has signed 15 players; 3 from Independent Leagues, 9 Drafts, and 3 Free Agents. 2 of his signees have made it to MLB.

Mark Stathas – Scout

Stathas finished his college career at the University Texas El Paso where Baseball America ranked him 13th in the country in National Batting. He also holds the Western Athletic Conference hitting record with a .630 average. Mark was selected by the New York Yankees in the 1st round (23rd overall selection) of the MLB Draft. He has worked for the Detroit Tigers as an Associate Scout 2015 present.

Rick Arnold – Scout

Arnold has 36 years of MLB, Professional, Amateur, and International scouting experience. He’s worked with the Baltimore Orioles, Seattle Mariners, Detroit Tigers, Atlanta Braves, as well as the Major League Scouting Bureau.

Jeremy Booth, PROGRAM 15 Founder, CEO and President of Baseball Operations for The New Balance Baseball Future Stars Serie says, “The Future Stars Series mission is about a better return for players and the game as a whole. These scouts are a mix of guys who have done the job at the highest levels and those who have the faith of the MLB clubs as leaders of tomorrow. This crew will join our existing veterans to scout all events and partner events to consistently see the players that participate and help them advance. I’m excited to go forward with them as we work to be the best we can be each day, and today is a day where I can say we got better”.


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