Prominence Publishing’s New Book, “Managing Your Business Risk in the Cybersecurity Minefield” Hits Amazon Best Seller List

Cyber crime affects all businesses, whether large or small, no matter where they’re located or who is involved. As technology advances and we continue to live in a digital world, it is crucial to understand that Cybersecurity should be the number one concern for all business owners. Business owners that are not protecting their employees or safeguarding their assets and confidential data are at great risk.

“Managing Your Business Risk in the Cybersecurity Minefield” is co-written by a group of 21 high-level IT & Cybersecurity experts who have come together to teach business owners what they need to know about protecting their business from cybersecurity threats. Brought together by Chris Wiser of 7 Figure MSP, the co-authors and their topics include:

Why and How to Outsource Your Cybersecurity by Amir Sachs

Avoiding Cyber Security Risk by Brian Artigas

Why Employees are the First Line of Defense by Matthew Bora Kaing

Mitigating Today’s Cyber Risks for Your Business by Brian Galli

Cybersecurity 101 by Felipe Isaza

Real Life Hacks by Greg Mullen

Understanding the Impact of the Dark Web by Raj Sidhu

Are Small Businesses More at Risk of Cyber Attack? By Rob Downs

Why Your Business is Vulnerable to Hackers by Randy Bryan

How Less Trust Can Mean More Security by Nick Stevens

Cybersecurity in 2021 by Robert Medina

What is the Dollar Value of a Cyber Attack? By Brett Harrison

Telltale Signs You Have Been Hacked by Scott E. Palmquist

Is Your Email Being Hacked? by Bob Michie

Cloud Security: Start with Multi-Factor Authentication by Peter R Zendzian

Why Your Cybersecurity Insurance Claim Could Be Denied for Gross Negligence by Dan Tayler

The Importance of Testing Security by Chris Burns, CISSP

How To Not Lose Everything by Stew Lambert

What is Your Plan for When You Get Hacked? By Justin Colantonio

Is Your Exchange Server the Weakest Link in Your Network? By Jerry Swartz

14 Ways to Protect Your Business Data by Wade DeVore

No business is too small to avoid getting hacked; it is simply a matter of time.

Managing Your Business Risk in the Cybersecurity Minefield is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format:


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