Psychic Medium, Elly Charles Examines The Impact of External Clear Seeing on Business Innovators Radio

On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with Stewart Andrew Alexander, Psychic Medium, Elly Charles discussed she is helping people to gain a better understanding of external clear seeing.

According to Charles, “The internal clear seeing is one of the more common clair senses that most people will hold. For example, dreaming and having a memory is a form of internal clear seeing that happens within many of us. However, the external clear seeing is different because it’s not as common when we look at it from a spiritual point of view.”

Charles added, “An external clear seeing which is just one of the seven clair senses, would be seeing something spiritual that does not feel of this realm, this world, of the physical and out of the body. In other words, we’re in our body, with our eyes wide open and seeing something that is not of this world. We might see orbs, auras around people, spirits, flashes of light, shadows, or movement in the atmosphere. Anything like that is external clear seeing. The important thing to remember is that this can and does scare many people. However, we are all spirit energy in the non-physical form. Once our physical is gone, we’re not just dead; we have our spirit body within our physical body, so we still live on, our energy still lives on.”


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