Pushcart Prize Nominee Author Thierry Sagnier Hits Multiple Amazon Bestseller Lists With Historical Novel About Coming to America, L’Amérique

Pushcart Prize Nominee Author Thierry Sagnier Hits Multiple Amazon Bestseller Lists With Historical Novel About Coming to America, L’Amérique
Author and writing coach Thierry Sagnier‘s historical novel L’Amérique hit Amazon.com’s bestseller lists on April, climbing all the way to Top 10 in multiple bestseller categories.

Both of Sagnier’s recent novels, L’Amérique and Thirst, share common themes of the power of friendship and the urge to survive.

In L’Amérique, we deal with
* Life as seen through a child’s eyes
* The importance of family
* One family’s persistence in the face of various adversities
* The power of friendship, regardless of national origin
* Some post-war history, both French and USA
* Pharmaceutical drug addiction

L’Amérique portrays the struggle not only of a young boy in a strange new world, but those of a mother, Marité, who has difficulty coping with a lifestyle both foreign and threatening. The book also depicts the father and son’s battle to save Marité from the addiction that threatens her life and the family’s survival.

L’Amérique is published by Apprentice House Press at Loyola University Maryland, which will also be publishing Sagnier’s historical novel, Montparnasse, the tale of a young American couple thrust in the maelstrom of post-World War 1 Paris.

“I’m thrilled to see L’Amérique earn the honor it so deserves,” said Kevin Atticks, director of Apprentice House Press.“We look forward to the release of Sagnier’s next novel, Montparnasse, later this year.” 

Sagnier chose his publisher in part to contribute more to publishing overall, “I agreed to have Apprentice House Press publish L’Amérique and the forthcoming Montparnasse because I’m a strong believer in helping younger writers and publishers learn the trade. Their program to teach its students the ins and outs of book production is important and necessary. Far too many ill-written and ill-designed books are being self-published today, and the more of these there are, the harder it is for readers to find worthwhile works and authors. We need to keep the quality of book publishing high, and they make it their business to create well-informed and well-trained youths to ensure the publication of notable works.”

“Sometimes naïve, other times wise in the ways of the very young, L’Amérique is rich in surprises and delights. It’s a book worth lingering over.” — David Robbins, New York Times bestselling author of War of the Rats; The Low Bird.

Sagnier is currently pre-promoting the release of Montparnasse, which is scheduled for delivery in October, 2019. Sagnier is available for podcast interviews about his books and writing processes for both book review media, and for writing/author media, including podcasts.

Sagnier has been writing, and producing media content professionally his entire career, and now is also coaching new writers so they can pen a book that is “something for them to be proud. Everyone has a book in them, and almost everyone wants to write a book. I’m helping such a wish come true.”

In response to the book hitting Top 10, Sagnier stated, “I’ve only been writing for fifty years, so this came as a surprise!”

Set in Paris shortly after World War II, L’Amérique recounts the fortitude of one Parisian family in a nation humiliated by defeat and torn by recriminations. It is above all the story of eJeanot, a boy raised by disparate people in a middle-class apartment building, and the journey that will take him to L’Amérique, where dreams come true, but rarely as expected. Jeanot’s world is peopled by his great aunt Tatie, who sleeps with her hat on, her detestable maid Guénolé, and Kharkov, the building’s White Russian concierge. And then there are his extraordinary friends, Dédé and Babette in Paris, and KC and Robert in America. L’Amérique is a story of growing up in a country with little to offer its people, and of coming of age in a strange mythical land of too many promises.
With the recent years of controversy around immigration policy and its impact on America, in the media, L’Amérique is a fantastic story that will appeal to anyone impacted by immigration and the experience of relocating to a new country.

Thierry Sagnier is a novelist and nonfiction writer. He is currently represented by the Philip Spitzer Literary Agency. His works have been published both in the United States and abroad. He is the author of The IFO Report, Bike! Motorcycles and the People who Ride Them, Washington by Night, Thirst, and The Fortunate Few. Sagnier was born in France and came to the United States in his early teens. He has worked and written for The Washington Post, produced videos and short films for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and was a columnist for Canada’s Le Devoir. He currently lives in Virginia.


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