Raffaele “Lino” Cipriano Tops Amazon Best Seller Lists With Innovative New Book

Raffaele "Lino" Cipriano Tops Amazon Best Seller Lists With Innovative New Book
You Can’t Grow Bananas in the Arctic explores how millions of people all over the world have discovered their true passion simply by changing their environment. Author Cipriano recounts how his own experiences of finding love, optimal health, and increased prosperity all resulted from simply changing where he lived.

Cipriano believes that when a person finds it difficult to guide their spirit towards a more positive and joyful direction and when their search for passion in life becomes difficult and disheartening, sometimes all it takes is a change in environment.

Most people experience a sense a void in their heart and a feeling of being unfulfilled at some point in their life. Cipriano wants readers to know that it’s not because they haven’t read enough self-help books or attended enough personal development seminars. It’s simply that they are in the wrong place.

In this fascinating book, readers discover how the author picked up his entire life and moved to Hawaii to rediscover himself.

Cipriano’s unique process and inspirational attitude is contagious.

“All I wanted to do was to share my story and hopefully inspire someone else in the world to ‘Go where they can grow,’” stated Cipriano.

When Cipriano discovered that his book had become a best seller, he was delighted. He said, “One thing I know for sure is that in this journey of life, it is so much easier when you’re in the right environment. I’m glad my book is making an impact.”

About Raffaele “Lino” Cipriano
Raffaele “Lino” Cipriano is a real estate investor, writer, producer and former restaurateur, with a valuable message about the influence of the environment, and how you can transform your life.

Cipriano lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife and children.

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