Ramona Okkema of Michigan Turning Hearts Toward Hope

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With this Special Edition of Business Innovators Magazine, focusing on Relaxation Therapists for Peace and 5 featured Regionally Certified “Joy Coaches” of Joy Coaching® America founded by Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT of Utah, I met Ramona Okkema of Michigan.

Below take a “listen” into our conversation about her business Turning Hearts Towards Hope and how “Joy Coaching® America and her studies with “Joy Coaching® Academy and Karyn Lynn Grant, founder, helped create the work Ramona successfully does today.

Carol: What a wonderful topic and a service I am anxious to learn more about. There are so many hurting in many areas of life today. Will you delve a bit into how you came to designing: Turning Hurting Hearts Toward Hope as a business? It is such a wonderful, very potent and emotionally attracting name for your work!

Ramona: It evolved as I went through the Joy Coaching® program. I had essential oils and wanted to utilize them, but was just not finding something that fit with my lifestyle until I discovered the Healer’s Touch Method by Karyn Lynn Grant of Joy Coaching® America. It tapped into my own strengths and unearthed my own desire to do this work in my own unique way with my own experiences. I had this in my heart. I had it in my mind and when I found Joy Coaching® America it was a natural fit.

Carol: Since your studies with Joy Coaching® played such a key part, will you share how you learned of Joy Coaching® America?

Ramona: I first discovered Joy Coaching® America during the 2018 International doTERRA convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Two of my travel mates wanted to check out some vendors set up in the area hotels. I did not have a shopping list, so I decided to wait in one of the less crowded areas. My eye caught a woman being tucked in the comforting looking blanket and a headset being placed on her head. The woman in the chair looked guarded and unsure. As time passed, I noticed Karyn Lynn Grant (I did not know her yet) gently applying essential oils, in specific areas, including under the woman’s nose and forehead. Several different oils were applied and over the blanketed area as well. I noticed tears sliding down the woman’s face, but she seemed okay and in a more relaxed state, actually, than when the session started. Now, I was starting to wonder just what was being said and what it was she was hearing coming through those headsets.

Carol: Intriguing. Please continue.

Ramona: I decided to be brave, take a chance and experience, what I just witnessed, for myself, especially, after seeing the woman in the chair standing up with a smile and look of hope that was not with her when she first was tucked in.

Karyn introduced herself and asked if I would like a mini “Healer’s Touch” Session. She took the time to explain a bit about the process and it was not long before I was being tucked in, still unsure of what was going to take place. She muscle tested me for a specific song…one of the more than a 1000 she has written herself. At this point, I was totally trusting my gut and her, still not knowing what good would come from this unknown type of use of essential oils.

I was tucked in and as the headsets were placed over my ears it was not long before I heard a most comforting voice in a song. While I was hearing this song, the scents of essential oils were working in harmony with the gentle, soothing touch of Karyn’s hands and fingers. My mind went to a place and time I knew as a little girl. A place where I did not experience much in the way of nurturing. What I saw and felt at that moment was different. I felt safe, I felt happy and I felt cared for. It did not make sense to me at the time, but as I listened to the lyrics in the song and allowed myself to enjoy the scents of various oils, I could not help the hope welling up in my heart..not only as that little girl from a long time ago, but also in that moment as an adult.

When the music stopped, I was a bit let down. I wanted to stay in that chair and experience more of that safe, relaxing place. When I opened my tear-filled eyes, I was met with some of the sweetest comfort experienced in my lifetime. I was wowed!!! Who would have thought a few essential oils, one song and some gentle whisper touches could so quickly change someone’s mindset and place comforting hope in a wounded heart? What took place in those 10 minutes would forever change my life. I wanted more of what just happened and I was not going to leave that building until I found out more information.

After the convention was over it was time to pack up the vehicle and travel back some 1700 miles to home. All those miles gave me plenty of time to contemplate some of the convention highlights. One of those highlights included meeting Karyn Lynn Grant and being introduced to Joy Coaching®. Somewhere in between those miles I decided to REALLY check out “Joy Coaching® and Karyn Lynn Grant when I returned home to the farm. Several times the thought came to mind that just maybe I had found my answer to how could I use essential oils to the best benefit to myself and others. I was liking the idea more and more, but I still did not know how it all worked or what it was even called.

Carol: and so that is why and how you chose to become a “Joy Coach”?

Ramona: I chose to become a “Joy Coach” after personally experiencing the session myself. For several years, I had been purchasing oils. For most of that time, they basically sat on a shelf being used for an occasional insect bite, bruise or use in a diffuser. I wanted to make better use of my investment in the oils, but nothing seemed to compel me to do so.

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