Raymond Harlall Appointed World Civility Ambassador

Raymond Harlall Appointed World Civility Ambassador
As World Civility Ambassador, Raymond is creating a global initiative and movement called iEmpower Entrepreneurs ™, to empower young entrepreneurs in developing countries. 

This mission also drives his Canadian-based publishing company, Local Experts Group, which provides publishing services to empower authors and their interests in under-served regions of the world because he came from a country with limited copyright protection and with no access to book publishers. His vision is to sponsor less fortunate boys internationally, so they have the basic necessities of life, including a better education to provide them with a bright future. His ambition is to help you leave a legacy for your children and your children’s children.

Amb. Harlall is an Amazon #1 International Bestselling Author, who was awarded the 2018 Global Authors’ Award in the United Kingdom, and he has shared stages with legends like Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Kevin Harrington, and Jack Canfield. He has spoken in North and South America, South Africa, South Asia, and the United Kingdom.

All this experience has given him the opportunity to build an extensive track-record in working with different cultures, demographics, religious organizations, governments, and individuals. His own story of migration and elevation allows him to be a true servant to others seeking a better way of life. He uses relationship capital to bridge the gap between, governments, non-government organizations and local at-risk community leaders to empower young entrepreneurs in developing countries. 

Amb. Raymond Harlall believes the most precious resource on Earth today is you—HUMAN RESOURCE. He says, “God intended us to be unique, so he gave each of us a special gift. It’s time we start walking in our passion. When I started walking in my passion and purpose, life became easy. If I can do it, you can too. My mission is to work with young entrepreneurs in developing countries to establish sustainable economic development and ultimately, reduce poverty.”

This appointment of World Civility Ambassador is a great honor for young entrepreneur Raymond Harlall. His mission, vision and ambition will support him as he continues to create an impact in the world today with his initiative, iEmpower Entrepreneurs ™.

For more info, contact: Raymond Harlall, info@localexpertsgroup.com



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