Real Estate and Note Buyers Launches New Fast Response Quote System

Real Estate and Note Buyers Launches New Fast Response Quote System is a San Diego based company specializing in buying promissory notes from note holders. The website offers information on what is a paper note, the benefits of selling a note, and how to make a note more worthy. It also has information about who buys notes as well as various informative articles to help one who is deciding about buying or selling.

Paper notes are also known as promissory notes. They are most common in real estate, trust deeds, and automobile purchases but can exist in other situations where there is both a borrower and lender. People selling their notes can now get a fast, 24 hour offer by filling out the new online request form. Safe, secure, the online request form was created to make inquiries easier for the note seller to find out what their note is worth, 24 hours a day, and within 24 hours. is run by Simanda Investments LLC, a company that has been around for 10 years. They offer quick closing, competitive pricing, and customized purchase offers in writing all with the strong financial backing of investors across the United States. Their new quote system makes it easy for someone who is interested in selling their note to get a response and offer within 24 hours.

“People with notes sometimes want to sell their notes quickly due to an unexpected financial situation. Sometimes they need cash for retirement, taxes, or medical care. Whatever the situation, can assist in helping people get a quote fast, within 24 hours,” states Simon White, founder of Simanda Investments. “Many times people do not want to talk to someone on the phone but prefer the anonymity of online requests. This is for those people”.

For more information on paper notes or for a fast quote, please contact Simon White at (386) 516-2842 or

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