Real Estate Coach Darrin Collins Shares Success Principles For Home Buyers

When it comes to success, principles are more important than perceptions, because perceptions sometimes are not reality. Once people are exposed to principles that work, they tend to adopt them.

Whether it’s incorrect information, or unscrupulous practitioners standing in the way of people wanting to become home owners, there are elements of success missing that could help potential home buyers reach their goal.

Today on this episode with me is Darrin Collins, entrepreneur, success coach and founder of R2O Homes. Darrin understands some of the roadblocks to prospective home owners when they are looking for their ideal home. You will learn about what Darrin has used over the years that will help people overcome their challenges and use the process to their advantage.

Don Matheson: Darrin, welcome and thanks for taking some time to visit with me today to share some information from your decades of successful experience with real estate.

Darrin Collins: Thanks for having me, Don. It’s good to be here with you. My mission in life is to educate people on things I have found which help to achieve success.

Don Matheson: Great. First question, “What have you found is the biggest misconception that people have about finding and buying a home?

Darrin Collins: There is this dynamic that has been building with the advent of the Internet. 95% of all home buyers start on the Internet. The misconception is that there is only one system, one way and everybody is dropped into that system. It’s the same across the board. They think they know everything they need to know, until they find out the hard way that they don’t, and it kills their progress.

Don Matheson: Is that preventable?

Darrin Collins: Very much so. Education on the subject is the most vital ingredient, the most crucial part of the process. Our goal then becomes to establish our brand as one of education and educators; getting the word out that we can help people by educating them.

Don Matheson: Are there predators out there that capitalize on prospects’ lack of education?

Darrin Collins: Unfortunately, yes. Some companies train their staff not to hear or care that the person in front of them is trying hard to qualify to own a home. They are coaxed that the money is the most important thing. Their emphasis is about getting someone to rent their houses.

Don Matheson: Does that relate back to my initial question?

Darrin Collins: Yes it does. Another misconception is that renting and rent to own, is all the same. Yet the truth is far from that. Make sure you hear this correctly:  renting and rent to own are not the same thing.

Don Matheson: What is the biggest concern for someone who wants to become a homeowner?

Darrin Collins: One of the biggest triggers for prospective homeowners is credit. A full ninety percent of the people that sit in front of us, the first things when we challenge them to become homeowners and we get to credit, they start apologizing about where they are now from a credit angle, and elaborating about how their credit got so bad.

Don Matheson: So then it’s time to rebuild their credit, right? Is that within your company’s purview?

Darrin Collins: Absolutely. And we love to help people that way. It comes back to education again. Many people think in terms of general credit repair, which doesn’t necessarily get people to the place they need to be to qualify. Our process is specifically coordinated and designed to get them into their home.

Don Matheson: Sounds to me like another trap to be aware of.

Darrin Collins: Indeed. We want people to steer clear of ‘deals’ where they put a bunch of money down and then they end up staying in the process forever, kind of like an ‘owner-financed’ arrangement. We want to coach people on the path to becoming homeowners. Kind of like a fitness plan for those who have never exercised before. Start slowly, build a foundation, get the guidance, get the steps, get the support and then before they know it, they’ve reached a new level.

Don Matheson: Sounds like education, including doing homework is where it’s at for a home buyer.

Darrin Collins: Definitely. We have two types of people we work with the most. One group qualifies for a good loan and we match them up with their best choice for a new home. The other group doesn’t qualify and we put them into a program where, over time, if they follow directions and keep their goal in front of them, they’ll become homeowners.

Whether it’s our company or not, people need to do their research, question and examine the process with someone they trust for a good outcome.

Don Matheson: Darrin, thanks very much for taking time to share your insight and expertise on the subject. I learned a few things myself.

Darrin: Like I said, education is the key. Thanks for having me. I enjoyed being here.

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