Rob Ten Brinke On What Makes A Successful Third Party Logistics Provider

Where do supermarkets get their food from? Some supermarkets get their products from distribution centers. Where do distribution centers get their products from? Often from other distribution centers or from the product’s manufacturer directly.

Large food manufacturing companies like ConAgra Foods, who manufactures Healthy Choice and other popular brands, use third party providers to distribute their products.


Rob Ten Brinke,  the Vice President of Service Freight Systems, a third party logistics provider, helps manufacturers to that to get their products to the appropriate destination on time and on budget.

Aaron Ralph Thomas:     Rob, you provide third party logistics. Why should a company use third party logistics and not just use their own in-house system?

Rob Ten Brinke:  For a number of reasons. Probably one of the main ones is not just a time focus but it’s a combination. We have the resources to find the right truck at the right time going to the right place for the right amount of money. We also have the backup support to see the process through.

A. Ralph Thomas

A. Ralph Thomas is a Contributing Writer to Business Innovators Magazine and a Host on Business Innovators Radio covering Business Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Business Success.