Ryan Quante Founder of Care Income Advisors Featured on TV Interview Discussing His Collaborative Revenue-Sharing Model

Care Income Advisors is delighted to announce that Ryan Quante has been featured in  interviews on major TV Networks. As a recognized financial expert and dedicated client advocate, Quante’s insights and expertise have garnered attention from esteemed media outlets. 

A full interview can be seen at: https://www.fox47news.com/entertainment/shows/the-morning-blend/interview-with-ryan-quante-of-care-income-advisors-03-01-24

In the interviews, Ryan Quante shared his perspective on his collaborative revenue-sharing model for financial advisors and attorneys.

Ryan is a Certified Long Term-Care Insurance specialist and has helped clients, agents, & attorneys find viable solutions to their LTC needs.

Quante commented on his recent appearances on TV affiliates: “I am honored to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and insights on Long-Term Care planning with viewers. I love helping families ensure they never have another sleepless night worrying about paying for their loved one’s care.”

Ryan emphasizes the importance of putting a plan in place to address long-term care and highlights how it can benefit both the client and the advisor. He explains that for financial advisors, a long-term care event can be a significant threat to their assets under management, affecting their bottom line. By helping their clients create a plan to address long-term care, advisors can prevent potential financial devastation and protect their clients’ portfolios.

Additionally, Ryan mentions that many advisors may not be familiar with the solutions available for long-term care planning. He emphasizes the role of education in empowering advisors to better serve their clients. By educating advisors about long-term care solutions, Ryan aims to position them as specialists in this area and provide them with the knowledge and resources to effectively address their clients’ long-term care needs.

Also, Ryan Quante suggests that working on long-term care cases together, rather than outsourcing them, can be mutually beneficial for the advisor and the client. By collaborating on these cases, advisors can expand their expertise and add to their bottom line. This approach also allows advisors to provide comprehensive, holistic services to their clients, positioning them as trusted advisors who can address both the financial and long-term care aspects of their clients’ lives.


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About Ryan Quante

Ryan is a Certified Long Term-Care Insurance specialist and has helped clients, agents, & and attorneys find viable solutions to their LTC needs. For the past 8 years, he’s made it his mission to help as many people avoid spending down all their assets to pay for care as he can through creative planning strategies. Ryan resides in St. Charles, Missouri, and enjoys hockey, music, and his two dogs.








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