Sam Bennett, Real Estate Agent with Opt Real Estate, Interviewed on the Elite Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Sam Bennett discusses maximizing home value. 

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Sam Bennett delves into the multifaceted nature of design in real estate, going beyond mere aesthetics like colors and furniture placement. Initially associating design with swatches and drapes, she quickly clarifies that in real estate, design encompasses foundational elements such as HVAC, plumbing, and drainage systems. Understanding these crucial elements is essential for interior designers as it enables them to make informed decisions when redesigning a space, potentially increasing its value.

Moreover, Mike Saunders and Sam Bennett discuss the importance of considering the return on investment for various renovations in interior design. They stress the need for thorough research to determine whether a particular renovation, like a kitchen remodel, will truly add value to the property. Given the expense involved in redesigning a space, it becomes crucial to weigh personal enjoyment against the potential impact on future buyers.

Overall, the episode underscores that design in real estate extends beyond aesthetics, emphasizing the significance of comprehending foundational elements and considering the financial implications of renovations.

Sam Bennett highlights the resurgence of the Portland real estate market, which is rapidly gaining momentum. Sam notes that steady interest rates have sparked increased interest from buyers. In contrast to the past couple of years when fluctuating interest rates slowed down the market, real estate agents had to focus on relationship building and follow-up. However, with interest rates now stable, clients are more understanding, and the media is promoting it as an opportune time to buy.

Sam shared: I think interest rates are steady and clients seem to be understanding them more. The media seems to be on our side saying now is a good time. My phone has been ringing off the hook. People are excited to buy.”

About Sam Bennett

Sam is the owner and founder of her own residential remodeling company as well as a licensed real estate agent in both Oregon and Washington. She and her husband, Travis, bought their Happy Valley home through the team that would become her brokerage, Opt Real Estate (then The Drew Coleman Team). The team also secretly video-captured his marriage proposal at one of their favorite places, Cannon Beach.

Sweet, fun, efficient, and hardworking, Sam has been in the residential industry since 2012. She graduated from Colorado State University with degrees in both apparel and interior design and with an offer already in hand for a position as a professional interior designer at a design/build firm.

Between her love for working with homeowners and three years’ worth of prodding from her Realtor® husband, she eventually became licensed as a real estate agent herself. Clients find that Sam’s eye for design can help them to see what is possible within a space while her attention to detail ensures no deadlines on the transaction are missed.

“My clients find ease and fun with our process. My purpose is to really get to know you and your family so together we can make this custom experience enjoyable and easy.”

In her free time, Sam writes pop-punk songs with her husband and plays bass for the band they created, “all in ur head”. “Travis and I go to Guitar Center so often that a number of the employees know us by name.” Besides auditioning for modeling and acting gigs, she loves to take their RV out to the coast or visit their favorite jaunts across Portland. They especially love Tusk NW, The Original Halibuts, and venues like the Hawthorne Theatre and Crystal Ballroom.

When they’re not walking the trails in their neighborhood, you can catch the couple alternating between the one-wheel and electric scooter. “Sometimes we bring our very athletic bulldog, Sonny. Rubble, our other bulldog, is not so athletic – he keeps the sofa warm for us while we’re cruising around the neighborhood.”

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