Scott Bergman Discusses What Makes Brush Strokes Painting Rise Above The Competition

Scott Bergman Discusses What Makes Brush Strokes Painting Rise Above The Competition

(DENVER, COLORADO, November 18) In an interview conducted by host Neil Howe on The Trust Factor Radio, Scott Bergman discusses the factors that set his company, Brush Strokes Painting apart from the competition, as well as common situations he encounters as he and his team satisfy discerning clients.

Although Brush Strokes Painting has both a commercial and residential division, this discussion focuses on the residential side of the business. Specifically, on how Brush Strokes provides the best service and highest quality for homeowners in the Denver Metro area, Boulder, and throughout the Front Range. Whether they want to have the exterior of their home painted, the interior, or both.

Mr. Bergman founded Brush Strokes Painting six years ago when he relocated to Denver from the East Coast, where he had successfully owned and operated several restaurants, a commercial bakery, and a food manufacturing company, and then became an executive recruiter and ran a thriving executive search firm. Throughout his career in hospitality and as a recruiter, Mr. Bergman learned and honed the skill that continues to serve him and his clients in the painting service sector. “Active listening is essential. I listen, listen, listen to each client, so we can deliver stellar service as well as supreme painting and wall covering applications,” said Bergman.

The type of residential work Brush Strokes Painting specializes in is transforming homes owned by what Mr. Bergman describes as “discerning customers.” Individuals who own an upscale home they treat as their castle, their safe haven. His customers are people who really enjoy their living space and want to make their home comfortable and beautiful for themselves, their family, and their friends.

Mr. Bergman says that most customers will find that there are five areas that Brush Strokes Painting performs better than the competition.

  • Reliability. Brush Strokes Painting goes to great lengths to train their employees; in timeliness, cleanliness, care, and respect for each person’s home and possessions, and above all—the superior quality of their painting and wall covering applications. 
  • Accessibility & Ongoing Communication. Mr. Bergman and his job site superintendent are personally available for conversations with homeowners while the job is underway. The intent is on ensuring things are going well from the client’s point of view throughout the entire process.
  • Proactivity & Follow-Through. Another aspect of their conscientious communication is to ensure both parties—the client and the painters—consider what problems may arise before the job begins. They use a checklist to determine potential trouble spots and how to fix them before they are a problem. Toward the end of every job, the painters complete any final “punch list” items so that all details are addressed. 
  • Color & Design. The right color or wall covering can make all the difference. Through his personal experience designing and building his dream home and professional experiences in restaurant design, Mr. Bergman has cultivated a sophisticated, artistic sense and is always happy to guide homeowners in their color selection and design process. His crew will paint large samples of the client’s top color choices on the walls so clients can see and experience the different colors in various lighting. This helps clients better choose colors they will love for years to come.
  • Service that Shines. Mr. Bergman founded Brush Strokes Painting because he saw a gap in the Denver-area market with regards to service in the painting industry. As someone who has built his career on delivering superb service, Mr. Bergman is honored to bring his commitment to service and quality to savvy homeowners throughout the Front Range.

The professionals at Brush Strokes Painting offer a wide range of quality paints from Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG (Pittsburg Paint). These paints provide the best warranties, the best coverage, and are the longest lasting, highest quality paints on the market.

The crews at Brush Strokes use paints with low or zero VOC (volatile organic compounds).  These paints cause less of the toxic odor of other paints so they are less bothersome to homeowners, and they dry more quickly.

Brush Strokes Painting can also incorporate murals, special finishes, chalkboards for children, whiteboards for your home office, and a wide variety of wall coverings so your walls and even ceilings can reflect your unique functional and beautiful sense of style.

If you need your home painted, on the inside or the outside, please contact or call 720-398-9689.

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