Sergio DeCesare – Selling Your Business for Max Profits

Sergio DeCesare – Selling Your Business for Max Profits

Welcome to Business Innovators Magazine Podcast! Today, we dove into selling your business for maximum profit with expert Sergio DeCesare. Sergio emphasized the importance of exiting your business at peak profitability, debunked myths surrounding business valuation, and shared crucial insights on preparing your business for sale. Remember, key factors like clean financials and reducing owner-dependence are essential for a successful sale. For personalized advice on scaling and selling your business, reach Sergio at Stay tuned for more insights on maximizing your business success!



Mark Imperial

Mark Imperial is a Best Selling Author, Syndicated Business Columnist, and Host of numerous business shows spotlighting leading experts, entrepreneurs, and business celebrities. Mark is also the media and marketing strategist and voice for some of the world's most famous brands.