Sharing the Power of Mindfulness On-Air and Online: An Interview with Tim Ray

Mark: What do you see as the biggest obstacles they face?

Tim: Connecting the dots that create their reality or at least co-create their reality with God. Once that is realized, it’s nearly impossible to play the victim role anymore when unplugged from the matrix.

Mark: How do you help them?

Tim: We offer tools, resources and programs such as our on-line community where anyone can learn and experiment with creating, tracking, and manifesting their intentions. Also, we created a social emotional learning education program called Imagine If… which teaches children from first to 12th grade that if they can imagine it, they can create it. Our UI Media Network is a very powerful tool that reaches millions in sharing the wisdom of our guests who live intentional lives in an entertaining way that challenges the mainstream dialogue. Of course, our product lines from our intentional planners to our UI FastTrack systems, train our brains to scan for successful opportunities.

Mark: What are you working on right now?

Tim: That list gets filled up fast these days. We seem to attractive countless creative opportunities to the Foundation as our visibility and message grow. But a couple things I’m very excited about are our latest show on the UI Media Network called Awaken Atlanta and our UI Fast Track products.

Awaken Atlanta is, to my knowledge, the very first three-hour consciousness morning show. A conscious way to start your day is our tagline and people all over the world can tune in through our app,   

And our new Fast Track products promote authentic change in creating new beliefs with positive outcomes for success in careers, health and relationships. Even a great night’s sleep in an ever-distracted world. The power of our subconscious is often overlooked because we are simply not aware of it and all that is possible when we get it working for us rather than against us.

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Mark Stephen Pooler

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