Silja Thor’s Book Is Empowering People to Change Their Lives 

Most people don’t reinvent themselves unless they’re forced to shake things up. Entrepreneur and mentor Silja Thor knows that better than most, having faced many of life’s most gruelling challenges all at once. Back in 2008, the financial crash caused the banks in her home country of Iceland to go under and she was forced to file for bankruptcy. Having just come out of an abusive relationship, this new loss was disorientating in the extreme. Today, however, she is grateful for the clarity and self-fulfilment the experience forced her to find. Now, she’s sharing what she learned in a new book that’s all about the power of reinvention.  


While the situation she found herself in contributed to a mental breakdown, it was a catalyst for change that she sorely needed. She had spent so many years forcing herself to work long hours for little reward and gravitating towards romantic relationships with the wrong men. So, even though the decision to change for the better didn’t come until she’d had her daughter, it was becoming clearer and clearer that these patterns just weren’t workable anymore. In her new book, her words encourage readers to dig down deep and to ask themselves as she did: “who am I really and how can I reclaim my narrative?”  


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