Snap Delivered Welcomes Marie’s Kitchen in Marietta GA as the Newest Member of the Referral Based Food Delivery Service

Marietta, GA. – Food delivery newcomer, Snap Delivered, is launching in Marietta, GA, and is seeking local restaurants to use their delivery service platform to cut out the high delivery fees from billion dollar delivery giants. 

A major problem during the pandemic was that restaurants had to shut down and many had to turn to delivery in order to stay open. For many restaurants, delivery was just a side business that only made up 5-10% of their intake, but with a shift in habits-even before the pandemic started-and dining rooms closed, delivery became front and center to make a profit. 

The restaurant delivery sector had been growing 300% faster than dine-in before the lockdowns and things have accelerated massively since then.  Delivery is big business and it is here to stay. In 2021, delivery is projected to be a $106 Billion industry and will almost double by 2025 to $200 Billion according to Forbes. 

The problem for restaurant owners is that they are being charged high fees from billion-dollar public companies which makes it really hard to make a profit.


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