Steve Luther, Broker at CHORD Real Estate Reveals Untapped Real Estate Market In Nashville On The Trust Factor Radio

Steve Luther, Broker at CHORD Real Estate Reveals Untapped Real Estate Market In Nashville On The Trust Factor Radio
On a recent episode of The Trust Factor Radio with Neil Howe, Steve Luther, Broker at CHORD Real Estate, discussed an Untapped Market as a Real Estate Agent In Nashville.

According to Luther, there is a void in the real estate market when it comes to catering to the Entertainer, Athlete and International client. Nashville is a city that is attracting more stars from professional sports teams, the entertainment industry and many international clients including the competitive auto industry with Japanese manufacturers in the Nashville area.

Luther said, “We work with the Japanese market heavily here in Nashville. The auto industry here has pulled a lot of Japanese companies to the area. We do a lot of work with employees of Nissan, Mitsubishi and other supporting companies as well.”

When host Neil Howe asked what kind of homes people from the sports and entertainment industry look for, Luther answered, “It’s interesting. When we talk about working with the entertainment industry a lot of people assume we are working solely with celebrities selling million-dollar homes. The reality is, ninety percent of the music industry does not make a ton of money. In addition to household names, we work with a lot of the crew people, lighting techs, sound guys and the many people who are doing the day to day work to prep for the main event. So it really spans all different price points. We represent clients from first-time buyers to the celebrities you may expect who at times are seeking just the right million-dollar mansion.”

During the interview Luther shared what kind of things a good real estate agent should be doing to sell a home for the best price in the least time, explaining, “First of all, a good agent is full time. A part-time agent doesn’t move enough homes to know the market inside and out like a full time agent does. A good agent will have a marketing plan in place pre-selling the home before the listing even goes live. There should always be professional photography and video work including walkthrough videos and drone videos. As a team, we also stage every home so prospects can feel the emotional connection with the home which always makes a big difference. The average home in Nashville in on the market for 45-47 days… although that is a hard number to quantify for many reasons.  The CHORD Nashville Team is proud to be able to share that we average 4 days on the market even taking in the ups & downs of the market over our past 17 years working in the Nashville area.”

Steve Luther, is Chief Troublemaker and Broker at CHORD Real Estate in Nashville, TN. Steve Luther has been a top Broker/Realtor® in Middle TN since 2002. He has extensive experience in new construction/development and investor sales. Steve came to real estate from the technology sector with a background in digital marketing.

The interview concluded with Luther saying “CHORD Real Estate is a sports, entertainment and international brokerage with our office located on Music Row in the heart of Nashville. We are a boutique brokerage and plan to expand to other unique markets that cater to sports, entertainment and international clientele.”

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