Stuart Grazier, Co-Founder of Storehouse 3:10 Ventures & The Kinetic Man Mastermind, Interviewed on the Elite Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Stuart Grazier discusses leveraging trust and teamwork in real estate deals. 

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Stuart Grazier emphasizes the significance of approaching real estate investing as a team sport rather than attempting to handle everything alone. He shares his personal experience of initially trying to manage all aspects of real estate investing independently, but eventually realizing the benefits of collaboration. Stuart compares real estate investing to a complex puzzle, acknowledging that it can be overwhelming to tackle every detail alone.

Stuart Grazier learned the value of working with a business partner and expanding their team to include more individuals. He highlights that partnering with someone not only enhances enjoyment but also leads to a more efficient and effective approach to real estate investing. By collaborating with others who possess diverse experiences and expertise, he was able to tap into a wider range of knowledge and skills.

Stuart Grazier also discusses the importance of building trust and finding long-term partners. He mentions various ways to connect with potential partners, such as networking, referrals, and utilizing platforms like podcasts. He accentuates the value of engaging in conversations and getting to know individuals before forming partnerships.

Additionally, Stuart Grazier mentions that his focus on the military community naturally attracts investors with a military background. Stuart explains that this shared experience creates a strong foundation for collaboration and trust.

Stuart shared: “There’s already a common ground that builds that first layer of trust because we are all following that same mission. I think that we also try to build a community and partners through the values that we have and digging in and figuring out who individuals are by knowing their core values and talking through what happens in current and future situations and, diving into who that person is before you do business with them.”


About Stuart Grazier

Stuart Grazier is a retired Navy pilot who served 20 years in the military. During a 14-month deployment to Iraq in 2008/2009, Stuart had the opportunity to do a deep-dive study into real estate investing and learned about the power of passive income. Through endless learning, lots of determination, and continuous action, he and his family have become financially free. From house-hacking (before the term was coined), wholesaling, and flipping houses, to investing in real estate mortgage notes, private lending, commercial property syndications, and buying cash-flowing rental properties, he and his family have reached financial independence. Stuart and his family now own a portfolio of over $600,000 in performing mortgage notes, a personal portfolio of 22 single-family rental properties, a commercial office building, an RV park, a mixed-use commercial building (2 retail and 10 apartments), and is a General Partner in 2 mobile home park syndications.

He has also been a Limited Partner investor in multiple multi-family syndications. Additionally, Stuart owns and manages a $5M hard-money lending fund, and is co-founder of a turnkey real estate company where they are providing rehabbed, cash-flowing rental properties to their network of investors. Starting in June of 2018, his company Storehouse 3:10 Ventures has acquired, rehabbed, and sold approximately 200+ turnkey rental properties, averaging 3-5 properties per month. Stuart is also the co-founder of a Men’s Mastermind Group, which aims to network, educate, and connect other men that are wanting to grow as husbands, dads, and leaders within their community. Stuart has been married to his beautiful wife Kristel for 15 years, and they have two amazing children, Kollins (a 9-year-old girl) and Wells (a 6-year-old boy), and they reside in Parker, CO.

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