Tampa Chiropractic Specialists, North Bay Spine and Rehab, Disputes Common Myths Associated With Chiropractic Adjustments in an Effort to Save Spines

Tampa Chiropractic Specialists, North Bay Spine and Rehab, Disputes Common Myths Associated With Chiropractic Adjustments in an Effort to Save Spines
North Bay Spine and Rehab is a local medical provider that specializes in providing life-saving chiropractic adjustments to the public. For the second year in a row, North Bay Spine and Rehab has partnered with other local medical providers as well as the American Spine Institute to raise community awareness about the importance of chiropractic adjustments.

Unfortunately, more than one million back injuries are sustained in the workplace annually, with back injuries accounting for one in every five injuries and illnesses in the workplace. However, these types of sustained injuries can be prevented.

Through proper chiropractic adjustments, doctors can alleviate unwanted back pressure and tension, before it becomes crippling. Lower back pain has been the single leading cause of disability worldwide.

“Disability due to back pain is preventable. A chiropractic adjustment is painless, modest and safe,” said Dr. Brett Bowser, board-certified chiropractor at North Bay Spine and Rehab. “This simple visit could keep you walking upright. Many patients have remarked, ‘If I had known how easy this procedure is, I would have scheduled an adjustment a long time ago.’”

Due to the many misconceptions about chiropractic work, many people are hesitant to undergo this back-saving process. North Bay Spine and Rehab is seeking to educate the local community about the common myths of chiropractic work in an effort to save more people from constant pain.


Myth: Disc bulges and herniations can’t be worked on.

Fact: The discomfort is often described as stabbing and lightning-like. To understand how a disc herniation develops, it is best to think of the disc as a jelly doughnut. If the outer edges of the doughnut (disc) are damaged over time, most typically from wear and tear, the jelly in the middle of the disc can escape causing damage to surrounding structures. Once this process has completed it is often very difficult to reverse. However, chiropractic care has been shown to prevent the advancement of the herniation and provide relief from the associated pain.


Myth: Chiropractors treat the symptoms, not the cause.

Fact: Multiple studies have shown chiropractic care to be the most effective form of treatment for the various causes of back pain. As with any condition, it is recommended to take a conservative, effective, and non-invasive approach to the treatment of back pain first.


Myth: Stress has no effect on the back.

Fact: People who are chronically under stress have a very different physiological profile then those who are not. When our bodies are under intense stress, it releases various stress hormones to adapt to the situation. Some of the adaptive mechanisms include; an elevated heart rate, an increased blood pressure, an altered immune system, decreased bone density, and decreased muscle mass. If this response is prolonged, elevated stress levels have been shown to contribute to the development of heart disease, digestive issues, depression, obesity, and back pain. All of the tension produced by the stress hormones causes a contraction of muscle tissue that produces “trigger points”.


Myth: Muscular sprains or tendon and ligament strains can’t be fixed with chiropractic care.

Fact: Ligament sprains are typically caused by stretching the involved ligament past its limits, creating tears. Muscular strains are commonly caused by lifting too heavy of an object and twisting motions. Strains and sprains of the ligaments and muscles in the back can be extremely painful and is often accompanied by swelling and bruising of the surrounding area. Strains and sprains are intimately intertwined with the spine and therefore, typically respond well to chiropractic care.

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