Tana Doughtrey, Attorney Life Coach, Reveals Her 5-Step Attorney Meltdown Preventative Process

Tana Doughtrey, Attorney Life Coach, Reveals Her 5-Step Attorney Meltdown Preventative Process
On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with Nina Hershberger, Tana Daughtrey, Attorney Life Coach, discussed how there is hope for a balanced life for attorneys who are under a lot of stress.

An attorney for 40 years, Tana eventually found herself in the same place many in her profession do: completely burned out from the 80-hour-plus work weeks and constant pressure. Unable to fight through the physical symptoms of burnout, she decided to pursue healing for herself and others in similar situations, devoting herself to the study of coaching as thoroughly as she did the law.

“There is a way for an attorney to find a less stressful life.  My job is to coach them to find their own answers and vision for what they want their life to be and then help them make it a reality,” explains Daughtrey.

In her trademark five-step meltdown preventative process, attorneys start with the discovery stage, wherein Tana helps them focus on current and future wants and needs. From finances to vacations, nearly every aspect of a client’s life (or desired life) makes up a piece of the puzzle.

Clearly defining their new life vision is key to changing their life.

Daughtrey explains that if they don’t go through a life changing process to reduce their stress, it WILL catch up to them sometime in the future through broken relationships or a health crisis.

Tana knows all about that stress. It ruined her physical health and led to such extreme exhaustion that she no longer felt good about practicing law. She hopes to help her clients avoid such a fate. Acknowledging that some clients do wind up moving into other careers, Tana says the aim is to work within the bounds of their current lives while making broad changes.

A common fear for potential clients is that their firms will fight any changes, and any attempts to modify their life will sabotage future opportunities. Tana admits that some of that fear may be well founded, but she’s found that most firms are starting to realize that lawyers are more effective if they have a better work-life balance. Nobody benefits, she stresses, from employees who ultimately suffer a breakdown.

To listen to the full interview, visit https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/tana-daughtrey-life-coach-for-attorneys-on-her-5-step-meltdown-preventative-process/

Tana Daughtrey may be reached at TanaDaughtrey220@gmail.com or through her website at www.tanadaughtrey.com.


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