TEDxTysons Announces 2018 Showcase Event

TEDxTysons Announces 2018 Showcase Event
The 2018 TEDxTysons event will focus on how legacies are not only something we inherit, but something we leave behind for generations to come. More than a dozen of the region’s most influential and forward-thinking leaders will take the stage to shed light on the issues we are choosing to focus on now and how they will shape the future of our world.  

Attendees will come to be inspired and challenged by speakers who will boldly share their unique perspectives about their own legacies and what we can do today to ensure a bright tomorrow.

“Each year the TEDxTysons family grows and I’m so thrilled to continue our tradition of bringing our diverse community together for a day of connection, reflection and thought-provoking discussion,” said TEDxTysons Founder and Curator Ashwood Heffern. “This year, we’re examining how we can apply the Iroquois’ Seventh Generation Principle that encourages us to make decisions now to ensure a sustainable world seven generations into the future.”


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