The Access To Cash Course Created By Dame Doria (DC) Cordova Teaches What Leverage Really Means As A Part Of The Access To Cash Series

Since the book “Access To Cash” was such a huge success, Cordova created the “Access To Cash Course” so that entrepreneurs can continue their knowledge and understanding of how to apply these principles, helping to grow their businesses even more.

Doria understands that in order to grow a business, Business Owners MUST LEARN LEVERAGE. In the easy-to-follow Course, entrepreneurs will learn how to structure their morning to be more productive and more income-generating.

Discover the Direct Ways to Access Cash as well as the Indirect Ways to Attract Wealth in this Course.

Learn how to separate the activities most people are doing that generate CASH (“now-money-now”). Finally, learn the ultimate lesson in leveraging money: how to move a business forward by applying the tools, techniques, and systems taught and see a tremendous improvement in a business’s profits and productivity. The teachings of spending more time on income-generating activities and leverage alone will make a huge difference.


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