The Addictions Academy Welcomes Candi Spitz: Special Needs Advocate and Crisis Intervention Expert Joins Distinguished Professional Team

Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach and Founder of The Addictions Academy, is thrilled to announce the addition of Candi Spitz to their growing team of highly skilled addiction and recovery professionals. Spitz brings a wealth of experience in crisis intervention, special needs advocacy, and community relations, further enhancing The Addictions Academy’s ability to provide comprehensive support to individuals and families affected by addiction.

Candi Spitz currently serves as the Director of Development and Community Relations for 211 Palm Beach and Treasure Coast, a non-profit organization providing crisis intervention and community support services. With over 50 years of service to the region, 211 handles more than 100,000 requests for help annually, including 12 life-saving suicide-related calls every day.

“We’re excited to welcome Candi to The Addictions Academy,” said Dr. Estes. “Her extensive experience in crisis intervention and special needs advocacy will be invaluable in helping us provide even more comprehensive support to our clients and their families.”

Spitz’s impressive background includes serving as an Ambassador for Project Lifesaver International since 2012, where she currently holds the position of Director of Ambassador and Public Relations. Project Lifesaver is an internationally recognized search and rescue program designed for “at risk” individuals prone to wandering.

As a radio and TV personality, Spitz has been the host of WPTV NewsChannel 5’s “Take 5: Now You Know” segment since 2018 and has made numerous national TV appearances. Her expertise in special needs parenting, particularly focusing on autism, has made her a sought-after keynote and motivational speaker.

“Candi’s unique perspective as both a professional in the field and a mother of children with special needs will bring an vital dimension to our team,” Dr. Estes added. “Her experience will help us better understand and address the complex needs of families dealing with both addiction and special needs.”

Spitz’s experience extends to the legal system, where she previously served as a Special Needs Advocate for the Palm Beach County Court System. She has also trained Palm Beach County law enforcement and rescue workers on autism awareness and intervention strategies.

As a content writer for Discover the Palm Beaches, Spitz focuses on Special Needs Travel and Tourism, using her expertise to help other special needs families navigate autism-friendly travel. Her personal experience as the mother of identical twin sons diagnosed with autism in 2009 gives her a unique insight into the daily challenges faced by families with special needs.

The addition of Candi Spitz to The Addictions Academy team aligns with the organization’s commitment to providing comprehensive, tailored support to individuals and families affected by addiction. Her expertise in crisis intervention, special needs advocacy, and community relations will enhance the Academy’s ability to address the complex, often interconnected issues that accompany addiction.

For nearly 12 years, The Addictions Academy has been setting the standard for excellence in addiction recovery education and coaching services worldwide. With the addition of Candi Spitz, the organization continues to expand its capabilities and expertise to meet the evolving needs of those affected by addiction.

Dr. Estes concludes, “Candi’s joining our team represents our ongoing commitment to providing the most comprehensive, empathetic, and effective support possible. Her unique blend of professional expertise and personal experience will be a tremendous asset to our clients and their families.”

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