The Book Doulas Co-Founder Jenny Joy Reveals How Anyone Can Turn Their Mess Into Their Message With a Book on Influencers Radio

The Book Doulas Co-Founder Jenny Joy Reveals How Anyone Can Turn Their Mess Into Their Message With a Book on Influencers Radio
One of the most proven and time-honored ways to share one’s knowledge is by writing a book.  But a lot of people think the task is too big or too time-consuming. Or maybe they dream of writing a book but have too many ideas swimming around in their head and just need some help getting it out and structured in a way that would truly help others.

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, Transformational Coach, Best-Selling Author, and co-founder of The Book Doulas, Jenny Joy discussed how she helps ordinary people tell their extraordinary stories through her “Birth Your Book” program.

During the interview, Joy shared how her personal journey led her to help others make their dream of writing a book to reality, saying,” I did not think I would be a writer. I was someone who would hang out in the background of the world as a young child. I went through some traumatic experiences that had me really hold off from shining my light… one of the major traumas in my life was being sexually abused as a young child. And one thing that my abuser did was put his hand over my mouth, and said, ‘Don’t tell anyone, or I will kill you.’ As a young child, I felt very silenced… and so, my personal journey led me to seek various healers and to really overcome and transform the kind of wounded innocence that I had gone through, and how to really learn how to shine my light, and share my gifts with the world”.

“My background happens to be in some shamanic practices and I was in a deep meditation one day when I received the message ‘You are here to give voice to the voiceless.’ And that was just so powerful. That’s become my mission to help others share whatever they’ve been through. When you move through transforming, like a phoenix through a fire, you almost have to rebirth yourself into the world and that’s really how this ‘Birth Your Book’ program came about.  I became a number one best selling author by sharing my own personal journey and story. And then I helped someone else do the same thing. She just loved the experience and started calling me the Book Doula.  I was so touched and that’s really how we started to offer programs to help others birth their stories into life.” 

Today, Jenny Joy and her business partner Rebecca Randolph help their clients to transform and move beyond their personal tragedies by sharing their gifts through writing.

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About Jenny Joy
Jenny Joy Tamera Arredondo is a Transformational Coach, Energetic Medicine Woman, and a #1 Best-Selling Author. She is a national presenter and performer sharing stages with global transformational leaders including Marianne Williamson. Jenny Joy’s other passions lie in music, dance and the holistic healing arts. As a Holistic Healing Artist, she has combined her fine skills into movement therapy. She has also founded two organizations aligned with the holistic healing arts. Breathe Bodyworks, a source for healing the mind-body-spirit and Soul Garden Space, which strives to nurture seeds of love and creativity.


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