The “Discover Your Potential Show” With Dan Gilman & Anna Devere Covers The Natural Living Expo To Uncover Leading Trends In Holistic Health

The HEALTH-A-PEDIA’s mission is to empower one million lives in all of the Six Pillars of human existence: Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Socially, and Financially to enable them to step into their greatness. These 40 authors do this by teaching people how to Integrate simple and effective tools into their lives.

The Discover Your Potential Show focuses on “How To Continue Conversations That Matter:”

Dan and Anna have both produced award-winning content in television, radio, and podcast formats. The “Discover Your Potential Show” is by far their most rewarding project. Each conversation with their esteemed guests leads to new potential in their own lives, and their mission is to engage audiences and feature the results of that ripple effect. The Natural Living Expo is one of many opportunities to get involved firsthand and to experience those conversations live. Health and wellness are key pillars in the show, with many other transformation topics available on

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