“The Enlightened Ego: Discover Your Ego’s Purpose and the Path of Transcendence” is now available on the Amazon international stores

The Enlightened Ego: Discover Your Ego’s Purpose and the Path of Transcendence was released on the Amazon international stores on September 22, 2021.

In The Enlightened Ego, Kelly Beninga explains the biological basis for the ego’s distrustful and protective nature; he also outlines a path of transcendence to a more enlightened state.

The author aims to demonstrate why many people struggle in their attempt to live a peaceful and loving life. He also offers insights into why desires to be calm and compassionate are often derailed by fear and defensiveness. Beninga details how ego evolved along with the brain to provide a fear-based defense system in our hunter/gatherer past. He also explains how this function of the ego is often an obstacle in today’s world, and how one can bypass the troublesome aspects of ego to live a life of freedom.

Kelly Beninga is a registered psychotherapist in Colorado, with a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. Beninga specializes in mindful, body-centered psychotherapy and couples counseling. He is also certified in several complementary therapies, including EMDR for trauma release, Hakomi Therapy for mindful & body-centered psychotherapy, and Gestalt Therapy.


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