‘The Evolution of Dog Training’ No. 1 Author Shannon Riley-Coyner Appears at Bank of Books in Santa Paula on April 30

“Dog training is full of differing opinions, myths, and old wives’ tales,” said Shannon Riley-Coyner. “With so much conflicting information, how do you know what theory is the best for training your dog?”

She explained, “The Evolution of Dog Training details how to teach your dog, one step at a time, without causing your dog pain or fear. It carefully explains how training with choke chains started and why trainers are now using clickers instead.”

The Evolution of Dog Training helps humans understand what current research and scientific studies say about how dogs learn, making it easier to turn a beloved pet into a well-behaved dog.

“Whether you have been training dogs for decades or this is your very first time, this book will help you sort through all of the opinions, so you can train effectively and humanely,” said Riley-Coyner.

Shannon Riley-Coyner will be at Bank of Books from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. PDT on Saturday, April 30th at 820 E. Main St., Santa Paula, California. She will be on hand to answer questions and will sign her best-selling book “The Evolution of Dog Training: From Choke Chains to Clickers, Uncovering the Secrets of Having a Well-Behaved Dog.”


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