The Great State Of Texas Welcomes “Money & You” Worldwide To Dallas On Jan 18th – 21st At The Doubletree By Hilton Dallas Market Center

Get ready for a Breakthrough Experience.  Follow in the footsteps of today’s Wealth and Business Experts who are Graduates of this Groundbreaking Program based on the teachings of R. Buckminster Fuller… and other Masters who have changed the world.

  • Ben Cohen (Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream)
  • Tony Robbins (Celebrity Coach)
  • Robert & Kim Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Series)
  • Sharon Lechter (Rich Dad Series + Think & Grow Rich for Women)
  • Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul)
  • Paul & Angus Mitchell (Hair Products)
  • Jac Holzman (Creator of Panavision)
  • Bob Goldberg (Follow Your Heart)
  • Gary Kurtz (Star Wars Producer)
  • Keith Cunningham (Keys to the Vault)
  • Brad Sugars (Action Coach Intl)
  • Tony Nash (Booktopia)
  • Maria Simone & Chad Warren (Zen Moose Capital)
  • Tom Chesser (Authority PR Specialist)
  • Jason Estes & Jeremy Hoffmann (Aligned Earth)
  • Kevin Alft (Action Coach Intl)
  • JB Owens (Ignite Your Life)
  • Byron Nelson (Matrix Intl)
  • Forbes Riley (Pitch Queen)
  • Moe Rock (LA Tribune)
  • And many more…

Discover the program that has created more socially-responsible millionaires/entrepreneurs than ANY other single event in existence today… Let’s make the world work for 100% of humanity. Money & You is about experiencing & integrating proven business tools. 44 hours of entrepreneurial, experiential, transformational learning.

Meeting, Networking, and Creating Business Ventures Globally with like-minded, successful entrepreneurs who are creating a world that works for 100% of humanity… Experiencing an intensive transformational program that offers people the proven Business Success Model that has helped millions to build fun, high-profit organizations that add value to others by utilizing the principles created by Bucky Fuller’s principles and the Science of Leverage for more time, prosperity, and joy.

Join the long list of Grads from 85+ Countries that have received a Lifetime Membership in its Global Entrepreneurial Network and get to review for FREE any future Money & You globally FOREVER! With 100% money-back satisfaction guaranteed!

Money & You has helped so many individuals find their purpose in life and understand how to create wealth engines, moving beyond the struggle of getting from goal to goal and chasing seemingly unreachable or impossible targets. When people come to Money & You and begin to understand what their own capacity to create wealth looks like, they realize that their ideal life is not a point in the future but something that they can create in the present. Help people stop pursuing and start attracting the things that they want in their lives. Move beyond what is considered “terminal mediocrity” to being fully engaged in their lives in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

People must create this for themselves because nobody else will create that for them. The Ideal Life is created by having the right strategies, skills, and tools and taking the right action, with the right support, based on the deep and intimate understanding of these “Laws of the Universe” that they can learn in the Money & You program, and the principles taught in it. Realizing everyone has the capacity to design and have an ideal life getting exactly what they want, is powerful. They can then choose to start. It’s a promise that everyone needs to make to themselves that only they can keep. The Ideal Life is created from understanding how the world works and how everyone can design and play a powerful game to make a difference.

“It will not be a matter of earning a living. You’ll be doing what you see needs to be done because you’ll feel you’ll want to do it — you’ll want to qualify to be able to serve one another… if you can do it, if it is spontaneously arousable in you to operate with integrity and really to go along to love, to love comprehensively, that’s it.” ~ R Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller

Once a person makes that decision, the rest will follow. The ripple starts when a person drops the stone.

As people realize that they can’t undo lives that are past. But, what people have, is an opportunity to design and create a future. The fact is that there inevitably comes a day that has no tomorrow –– the “game over” day. They cannot control when that day is. This opportunity will not come again; there is not a second chance to play this game. The choice people have is to decide what they will trade with the time that they have from now to that point. The choice is to continue with the status quo or to take a different route.

People have a choice… There are options available to create that future and to have answers to these questions they may have… To take a different route, to create different outcomes and possibilities in their life. To create something bigger, something more meaningful, something far more fulfilling… Money & You can help them take that different route and create different massive, powerful possibilities. More than 200,000 people have experienced the Money & You program in the last forty-three years. For many of them, Money & You was that turning point in their lives.  Some of them have become household names.


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