The Inspirational ‘I AM Thriving Now’ Global Movement is Turning Pain into Gain

Peggy Bareh found her way out after enduring what felt like a lifetime of abuse. She suffered from having zero confidence, paralyzing fear of rejection, and debilitating depression, and all while parenting three children which made her battle even more complicated. Peggy attributes her extraordinary courage, which helped her escape her abusive relationship, to her faith. And faith is what ultimately led her to embark on a three-year journey of self-discovery that would change her life forever. A faith of knowing there was a better life out there… that was meant for her!

Peggy Bareh earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in law and political science, a Master of Arts in management, a level 5 diploma in Leadership and Management, and in Health and Social Care, as well as a diploma in Life Coaching. She is a mum of three amazing kids, an inspirational award-winning author, empowerment leader, independent domestic abuse advocate and CEO of I AM Thriving Now, the world’s most inspirational global movement intended for one million ambitious abuse survivors to turn their pain into gain. Turning her suffering into a unique recovery toolkit called ‘I AM Thriving Now,’ unlocks the magic of every life that it touches and has been life-changing for Peggy. She has inspired and transformed hundreds of lives already and is on a mission to empower abuse survivors to THRIVE, not just to survive! 


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