The Los Angeles Bollywood Glam – Spring Fashion Night Will Be Exhibiting R.A. Powell ART Created By Richard A. Powell In Los Angeles, CA On April 23, 2022

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Bollywood Glam Fashion Show is a once-in-a-lifetime experience with four live desi hip hop performances, a fashion show, vendors, and beautiful art all followed by a major dance party. Giving L.A. a taste of Bollywood as they have never seen before. Richard A. Powell of R.A. Powell ART  believes, “His art transcends boundaries; it brings people together as a community to help them to see a collective vision based on love, cooperation, and service to others.” 

R.A. Powell ART is focused on creating art for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. His artwork explores principles of geometry, energy, flow, numerology, and nature. Pushing the boundaries of what was thought to be possible, Richard A. Powell utilizes mixed media art with Acrylic Paintings, Sacred Geometry, and crystals to promote Creativity, Consciousness, Healing, Connection, and Love. Powell’s art has been displayed across the world gaining huge popularity everywhere it goes. From Fashion Shows to Movie Sets. 

For example, some of these masterpieces are:

  • “Peacock Portal” Displayed in Las Vegas at The Peacock Palace Created January 2022
  • “Eye Love You” Displayed in Medellin, Colombia Created December 2021
  • “Metatron’s Triple Balance” Displayed in Las Vegas, NV Created November 2021 Inspired by DJ Mark Eteson’s “The Story of Everything” audio/visual journey.

R.A.Powell’s inspirational art pieces are available ranging from $333 to $9,990. Coming soon to his collection will be Signed Giclee Prints with Resin and Crystal finishes. Richard A. Powell has been active in using his art to help non-profits as well. 

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Bollywood Dreams Entertainment & MMM Productions presents the Bollywood Glam – Spring Fashion Night in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, April 23, 2022, Located at 3908 Wilshire Blvd from 8:00 PM to Sunday, April 24, 2022, 1:00 AM PDT.

Las Angeles, the city of Angels is excited to announce the launch of the Bollywood Glam Spring Fashion Night presented by Bollywood Dreams Entertainment & MMM Productions, with DJ Prashant, a celebrity DJ, and pioneer for Bollywood parties coming together with Marina Lang owner of MMM Productions, an ex-Top Model India Contestant, and part of the Indian food brand “No Worries…Curry” with her partner Mohua Roy. This insane trio presents a night L.A. has never seen before! It’s going to be a night of incredible four live desi hip hop performances, a taste of Bollywood, and lots of fashion and art. The dress code is dress to impress. Nothing less than Indian chic. It’s going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience with performances, a fashion show, and vendors all followed by a major dance party.

Starting the night off, they have Malik Waqqas Awan, better known by his stage name, Waqqas, is a Pakistani American artist that bridges the gap between South Asian and Western pop culture. Always knowing he wanted to entertain, Waqqas only started really pursuing his passion after high school when he was able to start funding everything himself as his routes proved very Taboo for his conservative family. What started mainly as a hobby and passion to do what he loved to escape from the world quickly turned into a career path following tons of positive feedback. Today, Waqqas welcomes a wide audience from different cultures as the only Pakistani West Coast rapper making music in both, English and Punjabi.

Next up is ‘Bhanga Bangla’ – three brothers of Bengali origin – Ivory Shakur, 41X, & Young Prince – have kindled the attention of fans through visually enticing music videos. Growing up alongside artists from all walks of life in Los Angeles, the three brothers started out making music for a number of musicians before deciding to band together and work on music that represents who they truly are. (as quoted by Times of India). They’ll be bringing a one-of-a-kind set on stage.

Then to the highly anticipated Bollywood Glam – Spring Fashion Show with Project Runway Consultant Kovid Kapoor who will be presenting his latest collection. Kovid Kapoor was born in the Indian Himalayan valley town of Dehradun. He’s inspired by women, either from his childhood or from fantasy and mythological tales, and his designs celebrate these great figures and feminine wisdom. 16 gorgeous models will be sporting these designs including celebrity twins ‘The Mxxnlight’. Ex-Top Model India Contestant, Marina Lang of MMM Productions will be choreographing the entire thing!

Leading up to the headliners of the night, THEMXXNLIGHT. Having these amazing identical twins at the event will have people going gaga just as they have millions of others. These singers of Indian American ethnicity are based in California. After releasing a few original songs during their first few years of college, the twins were discovered online by Wiz Khalifa & Taylor Gang and were featured on 5 songs released by Wiz Khalifa which have over 50+ million streams/views across platforms. THEMXXNLIGHT has now surpassed a total of 100M+ views/streams on their music.

THEMXXNLIGHT has achieved Gold and Platinum plaques for their songs with Wiz Khalifa and in the Bollywood Industry. THEMXXNLIGHT’s debut album “SKYPEARL” which they released in January, features Wiz Khalifa, Roy Woods, Kirko Bangz, Raja Kumari, and more. The twins have unreleased songs with many major artists such as Megan The Stallion, Travis Scott, Wiz Khalifa, Roy Woods, DJ Snake, TM88, etc, and have been building a huge global fanbase, given their unique international sound, look, and brand.

To conclude the night, Spend the rest of the night dancing your heart away with Prashant Kakad, also known by his stage name DJ Prashant, a favorite Bollywood DJ, who is an Indian-born Bollywood entertainer, best known for singing, dancing, and hosting Jai Ho! parties across the Western United States. He is the owner of Bollywood Dreams Entertainment a production company focused on the creation of Bollywood and Bhangra-inspired crossover music, dance, and related cultural experiences and events.

The event will also be having a bar, vendors selling items, and Indian food will be catered and sold by No Worries…Curry! This event will NOT accept cash, all transactions will be with Venmo, Zelle, and Square.

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Bollywood Dreams Entertainment & MMM Productions would like to thank Richard A. Powell the creator of R.A.Powell ART & Tom Chesser of Rise Up Media & Marketing, promoting and supporting this event.

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