The Many Faces of AriSha™ Meet Sadie-Sha and Ariel 

A few months ago, I had the sincere pleasure of meeting 2 very special people, Sadie-Sha Turner and Ariel Miller and I also learned about a company called “AriSha™ (a combo of Ari’s and Sha’s names).”

There are many reasons why I say: “very special.” They are very sincere and appreciative individuals.  Their infectious personalities and positive behavior follow them everywhere from their customers and distributors to the teams they build to develop, market, and sell their brand of quality, sustainable products. The AriSha™ product ecosystem is diverse, including cannabis, hemp, glass, far infrared jewelry, terpenes, pet products and so much more.  They are also highly community minded and are interested in celebrating people and our planet.  Aside from the sustainability and eco-benefits of many of their products, they assist fellow entrepreneurs with customizable, open-minded collaborations, within highly enviable, decentralized business models. For every order shipped, even small orders direct to consumers, they feed a starving child in the world for a week.

You will “see” as you listen in to our educational and engaging conversation the authenticity of Ari and Sha and how what their family started some 40 years ago was re-energized in the last 2 years by them together.  What they have founded and grown is fast on its way to becoming a leading global consumer goods company, operating in a very new manner.

This is the first of a 3-part Special Edition series for Business Innovators Magazine entitled: The Many Faces of AriSha™.

If you can think of people, products, and a company that would make all the difference in your life and in your professional bottom line, brand and connection with your customers, you would be thinking about AriSha™.

Join in now to meet Ari and Sha (AriSha™)!

Carol: Welcome you beautiful people I am so very happy and excited to be with you today!

Sha: Thank you Carol for bringing us together.

Ari: We are excited to share our story.

Carol: We have so much wonderful info to share, let’s dive right in, ok?

Sadie, Ari: yes…

Carol: I mentioned briefly how the name AriSha™ came to be. Ari from Ariel and Sha from Sadie-Sha. Beautiful name by the way. Would you like to delve a little further into the company and its unusual history at this time?

Sha: Thank you.  Our company is a family business that has been operating for over 40 years.  I have worked in the business full time for the past 18 years, in various capacities from warehouse worker to CEO.  Our newest iteration, AriSha™, has existed for the last two. Ari and I established it together in January of 2020.  Many of our products we sell today pay homage to that history. We just like to think that modern techniques have allowed us to do things even better!  For example, a family member and our mentor, Chuck Science, did a study in olfaction back in 1998 and created a series of products eventually marketed as Sensa® which today is the best selling weight loss product in history, accumulating over 5 billion in sales in just 4 years.  Sensa® was a simple terpene combination that worked quite well for appetite suppression and weight loss.  Today that research and so much more go into hundreds of our olfaction-based products including The Ning, our set of 12 different terpene infused nose rings.  Imagine even more power of appetite suppression but then 11 other functions to help change your life!  Olfaction and terpenes are something that remain very relevant to us every single day. Yes, we are proud to be the faces of a family business, in continuous business since 1982. A business that has done literally over 30 billion in total global sales. Today, while we expect to continue to post high revenues, our business is much more ‘boutique’ in that we try to customize our goods and services to the individual, wherever possible – both with sales channel partners and customers alike.

Carol: So, you are not some bot-rule driven business that is one size fits all.  It sounds as though you will assist any brand, distributor, store, or individual in creating a value for themselves to others so that they can become part of a balanced peer driven equitable ecosystem.  You really make it authentic to who they are, extremely customized.

Sha: Yes! Being creative, helping others, and seeing them succeed – it’s fun. We love it!. The super cool thing is that many of these past clients have grown to be a backbone to our growing professional team all the while helping others and benefiting themselves.  It’s another way we know that their input really matters to us in all we do.  Recently, this has become even more important as we are able to go directly with people that we know, like and trust and visa-versa as we expand our distribution centers into New York and Arizona.

Carol: Wonderfully exciting!

Carol: Ari, Sadie, would you tell me how you two met, connected and started working as a company?

Sha: Yes, we first connected at the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s Chandelier Bar here in Las Vegas. I was producing a promotional video and had run an ad for promotional models. I like to have my interviews in fun places as I have an extensive background in video myself. I was looking for a team to do more video content for our companies and brands and Ari came with her friend for the meet and greet.

Ari: Yes, it was actually the other girl who responded to the ad. I was just coming along for the ride. Sha and I connected during that meeting and we ended up working together regularly and so beautifully that it seemed too good to be true.

Sha: I think we really balanced each other. Ari came initially as a promo model, but was the one out of the whole group that was always there to work; always asking for hours and always helpful and supportive. She was a student and unlike most students in college who spend spring break on vacation, Ari was eager to work instead.

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