The Many Faces of AriSha™ Meet Sadie-Sha and Ariel 

A few months ago, I had the sincere pleasure of meeting 2 very special people, Sadie-Sha Turner and Ariel Miller and I also learned about a company called “AriSha™ (a combo of Ari’s and Sha’s names).”

There are many reasons why I say: “very special.” They are very sincere and appreciative individuals.  Their infectious personalities and positive behavior follow them everywhere from their customers and distributors to the teams they build to develop, market, and sell their brand of quality, sustainable products. The AriSha™ product ecosystem is diverse, including cannabis, hemp, glass, far infrared jewelry, terpenes, pet products and so much more.  They are also highly community minded and are interested in celebrating people and our planet.  Aside from the sustainability and eco-benefits of many of their products, they assist fellow entrepreneurs with customizable, open-minded collaborations, within highly enviable, decentralized business models. For every order shipped, even small orders direct to consumers, they feed a starving child in the world for a week.

carol santella

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