The Top Law of Assumption Manifestation Coaches to Watch in 2021

There are many pitfalls and misinterpretations that can overcomplicate the art and science of manifesting, which it doesn’t have to be. That’s why, according to Thought LeadHer Media, in order to increase your chances of success when practicing The Law to manifest things into your life, you need a coach.

The top Law of Assumption coaches based on Neville Goddard’s teachings were sought out and are highlighted below. 

Each offering their own unique style of coaching in various life areas such as love and relationships, spirituality, health and well-being, finances, career and entrepreneurship.

Many of them are now accepting clients and offer online classes, group coaching, 1:1 mentorship, memberships and masterminds through synchronistic fit.


Jerica Glasper (@jericaglasper)

Jerica Glasper has a rewarding coaching practice helping spiritual growth enthusiasts and conscious women entrepreneurs learn how the subconscious mind works, name and claim their desires, transform their money drama, and understand why changing their self-concept is the most important “secret” to success.

Ten years ago, when she was at the lowest point in her life, she discovered the movie “The Secret”, which was the catalyst towards her spiritual awakening beyond religious bounds.

In 2015, she wrote down her top passions and desires through a manifestation method called scripting. In addition, she found Neville Goddard’s work through a mentor. She practiced the Law of Assumption and changed her self-identity to match her desires.

Three years later, over half of what she wrote on her list came true, including an engagement to her soulmate, a career move to her dream state of Florida, and getting paid more than double what she was making just 3 years prior.

Since then, she’s helped 100s of people apply the same principles to claim their sovereignty, release their disempowering stories and create their best life through transformational 10-minute techniques that her clients say are “fun, creative and freeing”. From relationships to health, and self-love to finances and professional goals.

As a passionate Facilitator, Manifestation Coach and Money Consciousness Queen at Manifest Your Yes Coaching, Jerica is on a mission is to help 100,000 enlightenment seekers and entrepreneurs live in their zone of “YES!”, remember their divinity, and awaken as conscious creators of a fun, liberating, happy and prosperous life!

To learn more about working with Jerica through her online monthly membership –, her money mindset workshops or business coaching programs, visit

Download her free blank abundance checks, deposit slips and withdrawal forms for all of your money manifestation goals at


Candace Thoth (@awakenthegodself

“Candace Thoth is a Manifestation Coach and Business Success Mentor. She launched her coaching practice after manifesting her dream move to Hawai’i in 2013. Candace specializes in helping dreamers, visionaries, and those who have been told to “be more realistic” materialize their greatest desires. With loving support and bold guidance, she helps her clients, mentees, and students close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Candace is passionate about simplified, easy, and fun manifesting. She considers “play” a manifesting hack and an incredibly effective business strategy. Not only has Candace used play as a strategy for her own success, to date, she has facilitated the transformation of thousands of people all over the world through her online courses, YouTube videos, group programs, and private mentoring.

She continues to invite people to explore their infinite nature by normalizing instant and out of thin air manifestations.”

Free access to Candace’s class called “Five Highly Effective Manifesting Techniques” is available at 


Brian Tucciarone (@briantucciarone)

Brian Tucciarone is an Author, Speaker, and Transformation Coach. He is a New York native who relocated to Hawai’i in 2015. After investing several years teaching Social Studies and Special Education, Brian was inspired to share a deep truth that could be used to effectively transform lives.

He left traditional teaching to embark on a spiritual journey; a journey that began with self- love and authenticity, which ultimately led to a deeper understanding of who he is. He often refers to it as coming Home.

As a Transformation Coach, Brian has the honor of supporting spiritual seekers as they transform to their best self, manifest their dreams, and experience the fullness of who they truly are.  

Brian’s love of life is infectious and deeply inspires his audience to experience the wonder and awe of the ever present now moment.  

To learn more and connect with Brian, visit


Judith Mahari (@iamjudithmahari)

Judith started her spiritual journey at a young age, knowing that life was destined for more than the traditional view of living. Throughout her life, she has guided people around her how to walk their own true path to happiness and made it easy for them to understand the true significance of “amor fati”.  

As a yoga and meditation teacher, art historian and medical student, she has a deep and broad knowledge of the physical body, soul and mind composition and its complexity and makes the connection easy to understand and useful.

Working with clear and specific results she discovered that manifesting is living, and living is manifesting and that we are all here to thrive, enjoy, love, laugh and expand to our loving being.

Judith loves the luxury and quality of life; she is an inspiring leader and teacher. Using her own experiences, she makes manifesting seem easy by using the proper tools that suit the individual himself. She helped countless to have the insight of who they truly are and what they can achieve with their life energy.

Her teachings are powerful and awakening, its reminding people to take command of their manifestation and live their best life now and not tomorrow.”

To connect with Judith, visit her website at


Christine Wesson

Christine Wesson completely changed her career path 20 years ago.  After successfully running a variety of businesses with her husband over many years she found herself in dire financial straits.  She suffered the loss of her business, her prestigious home, and her lifestyle, and ended up living in a rented caravan. 


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