Thrilling New Podcast Episode Online- Dr. Pamela Gerali on Interviews With Innocence Airing on July 7, 2022

Interviews With Innocence, a podcast by Marla Hughes which features experts in the fields of science and metaphysics who focus on children, celebrating the inner child, and spirituality/consciousness, recently featured the thrilling Dr. Pamela Gerali, an expert in spiritual development through her divine tool, The Blueprint for the Human Spirit ®.

In the episode 152, Interviews With Innocence’s host Marla Hughes dives deep into Spirituality and personal growth with Dr. Pamela Gerali. They discuss the surprising topic of Spiritual Awakening and Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs) which anyone in the personal and spiritual development fields will find fascinating.

Marla Hughes says, “I was fascinated by Dr. Pamela Gerali’s delivery of The Blueprint for the Human Spirit ® that aligns people of all ages to live a happier, more fulfilled life.”

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Interviews With Innocence is a growing podcast dedicated to featuring experts in the fields of science and metaphysics who focus on children, celebrating the inner child and spirituality/consciousness.  Marla interviews scientists, philosophers, teachers, yogis, parents, and others who will share their stories, experiences and research gathered while working with young children and exploring their childlike selves. The content is selected to provide hope that these interviews can help us discover, embrace, and connect with the sacred core of childhood that resides in all of us.  

To listen to the episode featuring Dr. Pamela Gerali check out the Interviews With Innocence podcast episode page

To learn more about Dr. Pamela Gerali, go to .  You can get a copy of the Blueprint for the Human Spirit ® as a gift on the site.


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