Tiwala Markt Company LLC To Make Organic Food More Affordable in The U.S.

The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. While regulations vary from country to country, organic crops in the U.S. must be grown without using synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers, or bioengineered genes (GMOs).

Most terminal illnesses devastating the American society could be a result of consuming products grown with synthetic fertilizers and inorganic farm inputs.

Mr. Wisdom King Adukpo, CEO of Tiwala Markt Company LLC, is set to revolutionize the organic food industry. His company plans to set up huge out grower schemes in parts of Africa, taking advantage of arable organic lands and affordable labor in the continent.

“As Africans, we can’t shy away from some of the advantages we have back home. We have the land, we have the population willing to help. With fair-trade arrangements in place, Africa provides one of the cheapest man labor anywhere in the world. The cost of living is relatively low compared to the States, making it economical to offshore the large part of our organic farms in Africa to reduce production cost and make it more affordable for the consumer. Tiwala is duly registered in all these countries so it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunities in Africa to assist the U.S. in a mutually beneficial arrangement,” he stated.

“Food has evolved over the years, primitive men collected food from wild animals and plants. They depended upon fruits, nuts, roots, and other plant foods, meat from animals, and fish from seas, lakes, and rivers. The history of agriculture records the domestication of plants and animals, and the development techniques for raising them productively. Everything grown during this era was 100% natural.

The U.S. began using synthetic pesticides in the 1930s, and spread widely after World War II. By 1950, pesticide was found to increase farm yield far beyond pre-World War II levels. Farmers depend heavily on synthetic pesticides to control crop insects.

Today, traditional foods are being replaced by fast foods. The former are nutrient-rich, and do not contain artificial coloring, flavors, or preservatives, while fast foods have all these things. Food and nutrition insecurity insecurity also challenge public health today.

Epidemiological studies have reported adverse effects of certain pesticides on children’s cognitive development at current levels of exposure. The most common way most children and adults are exposed to pesticides is through food consumption. Agriculture and occupational settings workers touch and breathe in pesticides, putting them at risk for acute and chronic poisoning,” part of the statement read.

To provide affordable organic foods to the U.S. market, Tiwala Markt Company LLC has agreed to a strategic partnership with Messiah Organics Chain, a Ghanaian company, which will supervise several organic out growers in Ghana and Togo.


The company provides turnkey organic farming support services, encapsulating the complete organic farming value chain, to facilitate easy group organic certification audits for several out growers. On behalf of Tiwala Markt Company LLC, Messiah Organics Chain sources certified organic inputs for the chain of organic farmers across the continent.

“Our Mission is to develop high-impact organic value chains for international markets by enhancing farmer knowledge in organic farming practices to increase income of smallholder farmers,” information on their website read.

Mr. Wisdom King Adukpo revealed the huge investment his company placed into the Messiah Organics Chain to raise it to the level of a USDA-NOP certification partner. They also have had a series of correspondence with the National Organic Program as a way of investing in local African enterprises. He stated that crops grown with high-impact fertilizers are less resistant, less nutritious, and rot more rapidly than those which are grown naturally or with organic inputs.

“A certain report states that an individual today would need to consume twice as much meat, three times as much fruit, four to five times as many vegetables to obtain the same amount of minerals and trace elements available in the same food in 1940 because of the use of synthetic fertilizers, that’s why the EPA has been very active in regulating pesticides through the 1996 Food Quality Protection Act”, he said.

He appealed that for health, commercial, and environmental reasons, all food stakeholders must rally behind Tiwala Markt Company LLC to achieve its intended objective.

“We are here to help, not to compete. It’s all part of a collaborative effort to reduce the rate of cancer, heart problems, and other conditions which we strongly believe organic foods provide the best solution so far,” the statement concluded.


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