Transformational Coach is on a Mission to Help Business Leaders Conquer Self-Limiting Behavior

Transformational Coach is on a Mission to Help Business Leaders Conquer Self-Limiting Behavior
“As a motivational speaker and life and business coach with over 10 years of experience, I help inspire and provide solid lessons to individuals to help them address the personal habits and traits preventing them from reaching their business potential,” said Geidane, who is a native of Latvia who relocated to the UK.

“My goal is to reach as many people as possible via my one-on-one coaching, seminars and speaking engagements as I can. Seeing the monumental changes that my clients and audience members have made in taking their businesses and business lives to new heights reinforces my belief that this is my calling,” she added.

Geidane says that whether she is in the grocery store, on a plane, or going about other parts of her everyday life, she often experiences automatic connections with perfect strangers who share their personal struggles with her.

“I am a people personal and know that transformational coaching is what I am meant to do. My own business success is the icing on the cake,” she added.

Geidane says that while individuals may be business savvy, they can ignore how personal traits get in their way on-the-job: including things like poor time management, anxiety, unhealthy relationships, and poor money management. She continually reinforces to clients and audiences that they will make the same mistakes at work as they are making in their private lives – sooner or later.

She gives keynote speeches and offers smaller group seminars for businesses and business organizations that focus on a variety of topics from customer service, staff retention and systems and discipline; and talks to youth groups about careers, following one’s passion and not letting your past affect your future.

She is a guest speaker at a variety of other organizational events discussing confidence and how to get started instead of waiting for that perfect moment. Attendees at events have said of her presentations: “fantastic speech,” “awesome call to action!”, “impressed and inspired,” and “eye-opening.” Her clients express the same sentiment.  

“I love witnessing life and career changes! I will never leave a room without giving people both the inspiration and a plan of action for jumpstarting the changes they want to see,” Geidane added. “I’ve already reached thousands of individuals and I cannot wait to continue that momentum.”

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