Transformational Leader and Founder of Magniessence a Global Movement, Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju Inspires 1 Million High-Achieving Women to Magnify Their Essence and Manifest Majestically

A 14-year international career in diverse roles at L’Oréal not only gave Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju the opportunity that many ambitious women dream of, but also a unique perspective of the challenges that high achievers often face. By the age of 28, on track for climbing the corporate ladder, Bolutiwi had initiated and created a transformational program that would become one of the most widely attended in the group’s history with over 18,000 people in attendance. With time, the excitement of her career experience gave way to disillusionment, burn-out, chronic stress, exhaustion, unexplained aches and pains, and an increasing feeling of emptiness that ultimately led to a painful, yet necessary, decision to leave the corporate world in quest of her “essence.” This decision would turn out to be life-saving for Bolutiwi, but because of her, it would be life-changing for countless others! 

Today, Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju, also known as The Essence Magnifier, is a globally recognized Marshall Goldsmith coach, which is one of the world’s most accomplished and in-demand executive coaching accreditations, a philanthropreneur, high-achiever coach for women, international speaker, and Founder and CEO of Magniessence, a global movement, inspiring over 1 million high achieving women to magnify their essence for more conscious impact.


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