U.S. Army Veteran Matthew Dretzka Joins ICEY-TEK USA As Their National Sales Director

U.S. Army Veteran Matthew Dretzka Joins ICEY-TEK USA As Their National Sales Director
Veteran-owned ice chest cooler company ICEY-TEK USA’s Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Mudge, formally announces the addition of Matthew Dretzka to the ICEY-TEK USA staff.  “We continue to have the good fortune of attracting great individuals who see our long-term potential and want to help ICEY-TEK USA reach that potential as a company and good neighbor here in Huntingdon, Tennessee.”, stated Mudge.  “I am excited to have Matthew on board.  Matthew has already had a significant positive impact on our offline sales channels since joining us part-time last month and will play a pivotal role in making 2020 a banner year for ICEY-TEK USA.”

Dretzka was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin and currently lives in the Huntingdon TN area with his wife, Hope and their young daughter, Ray.  In 2008, Matthew enlisted into the U.S. Army and served on active duty until 2013.  Matthew’s assignments included one combat tour in Afghanistan while serving on the 101st Airborne Division Command Groups’ Personal Security Detachment (PSD). 

“After the Army, I bounced around a few jobs trying to find the right fit,” said Dretzka.  “Like many others, I found myself living in the average American existence of settling for a dead-end job to take care of my family.  Professionally I knew I was capable of so much more, but my options were limited unless I physically relocated myself and my family.  Then ICEY-TEK USA relocated from Kentucky to Huntingdon TN.  I got curious and introduced myself to their CEO, Patrick Mudge.  Then after speaking with him a few times, I jumped at the opportunity to work at ICEY-TEK USA when asked.”

Then Dretzka went on to say, “For the first time in a very long time, I feel that my thoughts are valued and actually sought after.  I think we are making a difference in both our local community and in the veteran world.  I can envision myself growing with this company and I am very excited to be started on this journey.”

Location Info:
24290 US-70, Huntingdon, TN 38344
(833) 423-9835


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