UFC Fighter Alan Belcher Launches Combat Business

UFC Fighter Alan Belcher Launches Combat Business
Keller, Texas—former UFC fighter Alan “The Talent” Belcher moves on to new industry as he retires from mixed martial arts. He will be venturing into the world of business consulting through his own company, the Combat Business.

Alan, being a UFC middleweight contender, has been out of action for the last six years. Fans will remember that his last fight in UFC 159 resulted in a loss against Michael Bisping due to an accidental eye poke.

When pressed for further plans about his career, Alan announced his retirement and this put closure to speculations about his next fight. In an announcement via Periscope, Alan said that he is finished and that he will never fight again.

Alan had a good run in the mixed martial arts business. He was known for beating tough opponents either through technical knockouts or submission. Among the fights that will be remembered were his bouts against Rousimar Palhares, Jason MacDonald, and Patrick Côté.

He lost in his last two fights via unanimous decisions. Overall, he had a total of 26 fights in his MMA career with a record of 18 wins and 8 losses.

Over the last two years, Belcher spent his time teaching Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He did not focus on his own fighting career, and he realized that this consulting business, or teaching, is the next rung in the ladder as far as his financial prospects are concerned.

Today, Alan is retiring at 35 years of age, and he is all set to embark on a new journey. His business revolves around consulting for martial artists to help them master business skills apart from working on their MMA careers.

Alan dubbed it “hustlejitsu,” a term he often uses to describe his business. According to the former fighter, his company is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the fighters outside the octagon. He also added that “hustlejitsu” is a strategy that athletes and entrepreneurs can use to get ahead of life.

Since its launch, Combat Business has served more than 1,000 clients. The company has been around for two years, and the clients that come to its doorstep are mainly people from the martial arts business.

About 90% of the customers are from the MMA industry, and most are looking forward to selling their skills as instructors through online training materials, while some are trying to acquire customers for their training gyms.

There are also clients who use Alan’s consulting service to make their existing training gyms a franchised property where they can expand in various areas in the country.

Apart from this model, the former fighter is also active in doing several kinds of consulting. There are programs specific to gym owners, and then there are clients who do not want to operate a brick-and-mortar business. Instead, these clients want to focus on online businesses.

The online business consulting services, according to Belcher, are for those who want to earn past the one-million-dollar range.

Alan’s first approach when meeting a client is to ask them how much work they are getting done. Also, he needs to know the elements that stress them out, and how they are managing their relationships with their family.

He believes that physical fitness is also the key to success, as well as being in good mental and emotional condition.

Once these aspects have been sorted out, he moves towards auditing the client’s business, and then he figures out ways on how he can help the client maximize the opportunities for his business. His next step is to create a plan revolving on marketing, advertising, and sales strategies, which his clients can implement to improve sales.


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