Unlocking Business Potential: An Interview Snapshot with Regina Gulbinas

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We guide CEOs in bidding on jobs differently and help them understand that not every high-paying job guarantees higher profitability. It’s crucial to consider the long-term perspective and evaluate where the company can truly make more money. For instance, a single $3,000,000 job may seem appealing, but it might be less profitable than multiple jobs priced at $300,000 each. We encourage CEOs to thoroughly analyze the time versus money factor. How long does it take to earn the same amount of money from a $3,000,000 job compared to several $300,000 jobs? The latter option often requires fewer staff members, less insurance coverage, reduced expenses, and less room for error during production.

To facilitate this understanding, we engage in conversations with CEOs, exploring all angles and assessing what truly generates more profit while considering the time investment. It’s crucial to distribute resources effectively, balancing manpower across multiple projects rather than focusing all efforts on a single job. We extend our teachings to the entire team, including the administration department. Time versus money is a constant consideration. We emphasize the importance of having the right personnel in each role, and understanding their unique contributions.

Jeremy Baker

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