Unlocking Business Potential: An Interview Snapshot with Regina Gulbinas

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Postponing uncomfortable discussions harms relationships due to a lack of clarity. It’s a choice between having difficult conversations upfront or risking the collapse of the relationship later on. Given that many businesses I work with already have a history of poor communication, strained relationships, and ineffective supplier communication, providing examples is not a challenge. They have experienced the negative consequences firsthand.

Addressing mindset concerns, business owners often fear uncomfortable discussions because their clients are used to setting their own rules and payment timelines. However, it’s important to realign these relationships by establishing clear rules and boundaries for engagement. While some people may become upset or choose to leave, having strict rules, boundaries, and clear expectations actually increases the likelihood of clients respecting and valuing your business. People are willing to pay more for the assurance and safety they feel when working with a business that demonstrates clear boundaries, expectations, and effective communication. This approach fosters respect and demonstrates true leadership.

Avoiding important discussions and failing to establish clear expectations can lead to relationship breakdowns and negative outcomes. By openly communicating expectations, setting boundaries, and practicing effective communication, businesses can foster stronger relationships, gain respect, and achieve greater success.

 How do you apply these lessons in your client interactions and strategies?

The most important lesson I have learned is the significance of having difficult conversations while maintaining people’s dignity. It’s not just about the specific strategies or techniques but rather about how I approach these discussions. Through my experience and numerous conversations of this nature, I have realized the importance of ensuring that people feel respected and heard during these interactions. Merely pointing out their mistakes or past failures will not help them. They will shut down and disengage. Therefore, before introducing new strategies or teaching sustainability, I focus on establishing a connection and gaining their willingness to listen.

In my client interactions, I emphasize effective communication as a facilitator. It is essential to communicate in a way that resonates with each individual. Building trust and rapport are crucial aspects. I prioritize building genuine relationships because, at its core, business is about people. Trust is the foundation upon which tangible results are built.

When individuals realize that I treat them with respect, even when discussing their poor decisions (because we all make mistakes), they begin to trust me as their guide. Approaching these discussions with grace and kindness goes a long way. Once they trust me, they are more open to implementing the strategies I suggest and navigating their business accordingly. They have fewer doubts and questions because they trust my guidance. This trust accelerates their progress toward their desired outcomes.

While you may have been seeking a more concrete example, I must emphasize that this approach goes beyond specific strategies—it is about fostering genuine relationships, understanding people, and treating them with respect. By doing so, clients open themselves to receiving guidance without constant doubt or questioning. This creates an environment where they feel respected, heard, and confident that I genuinely care about their success.

By creating an environment of respect and understanding, clients are more receptive to implementing strategies and achieving their desired outcomes. Trust is at the core of our interactions, as it sets the foundation for tangible results.

How can we find out more about you?

 To learn more about me, you can visit my website at reginagulbinas.com. I also have a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You’re welcome to reach out, ask questions, and connect with me through these channels.

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