USCZ Construction Executives Live Hosts Les O’Hara to Discuss the Importance of Coaching in Running a Successful Construction Company

Folsom, CA – Construction Executives Live, the popular live webcast dedicated to providing valuable insights and advice to construction professionals, is thrilled to announce its latest episode featuring special guest Les O’Hara. The episode will delve into the crucial role of coaching in running a successful construction company, drawing on Les O’Hara’s extensive experience as a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and youth and high school football coach.

In this live, engaging episode, host Jeremy Owens was joined by Les O’Hara, owner and manager of North Shore Brickwork and a renowned expert in the construction industry. Les will share his journey in the construction sector, starting with his family’s roofing business and branching out into various other ventures. He will discuss how his background in athletics, particularly football, has shaped his coaching philosophy and translated into the business world.

The conversation will revolve around the importance of having a great coach in both professional and personal life, drawing parallels between the role of a coach in sports and the role of a mentor or coach in a construction business. Les will also highlight the critical lessons he has learned, including the significance of building systems and processes, time management, and effective communication within teams. 

As a successful entrepreneur, Les will share his insights into achieving a work-life balance while driving business growth. He will emphasize the importance of blocking time and prioritizing tasks to accomplish goals efficiently. Additionally, Les will touch upon the value of building strong networks and cultivating relationships in the construction industry.

Construction Executives Live listeners can look forward to Les O’Hara’s practical advice and expert guidance on navigating the complexities of running a construction company. Through his extensive experience in the industry, he has mastered the art of finding the right subcontractors, managing operations, and streamlining workflows using his Build12 automated revenue generating machine. His strategies and tips will empower construction professionals to optimize their businesses and achieve lasting success.

Les O’Hara is excited to be a part of Construction Executives Live and share his knowledge with the audience. He stated, “Coaching has played a vital role in my personal and professional growth. I believe that having the right mentor or coach can elevate a construction company to new heights. I am looking forward to discussing these principles and helping others unlock their true potential in the industry.”

The episode featuring Les O’Hara will be available on, so don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the world of construction and coaching. Stay tuned to Construction Executives Live for more engaging episodes and expert guests.

About Construction Executives Live:

Construction Executives Live is a popular webcast hosted by Jeremy Owens, owner and founder of US Construction Zone and 3 Generations Improvements. The show aims to provide construction professionals with valuable advice, industry insights, and practical tips for running successful construction businesses. Each episode features expert guests who share their expertise and experiences in various aspects of the construction industry.


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