Why Bali is Creating a Buzz in The Travel World

Although a small island, Bali is a visitor-friendly destination. Right from culture to nature to tourism to nightlife, Bali is a blend of all. Instead, you can call it a perfect combo of leisure and adventure. Spectacular rice terraces, stunning shiny beaches, fragrant cuisines, authentic religious places, and a vibrant amalgamation of tradition and culture is what sums up Bali.

Bali Tourism Over the Years?

Bali continues to contribute widely to the tourism industry of Indonesia. Here’s a quick look at the forecast of Bali tourism in accordance with its current exponential growth –

It is being predicted that in the next three years, Bali tourism will witness significant growth in its tourism statistics. According to the research findings, there were around 14. 4 million visitors to step in Bali in 2017. If we consider the present rate of tourism growth, it is further expected to rise beyond 18 million by the end of 2020. This means that Bali tourism will be experiencing a whopping increase of more than 20%.

Amongst all international visitors, it is expected that around 47% percent of ASEAN country population will be seen to visit Bali by 2020. Also, the figures for Bali visitors from Asia- Pacific countries are expected to rise more than 20 percent during the same period.

Chinese people will continue to dominate Bali tourists sequentially followed by tourists from Australia and India.

Why Bali?

Amongst the rest 17000+ Indonesian islands, Bali crowns itself as both unique and fascinating. Here are some key reasons which sum up why to prefer Bali tours

Stunning beaches –

This Indonesian island is blessed with some merely adorable beaches for you to relax. Kuta to Nusa Dua to remote beaches, they know how to satiate your holiday hunger.

Culture defines its worth –

Be a part of their rich and authentic traditional culture by participating in different celebrations here.

Experience the spiritual aspect of Bali –

Bail temples have tremendous aesthetic importance all over the world.

Adventure here is fun –

Surfing, submarine ride, seabed walking, and other adventurous activities attract the ones with a brave heart.

Ample of natural beauty –

Right from gorgeous lakes to scenic waterfalls to floral gardens to secret canyons, Bali’s virtual natural beauty is simply astounding.

How the increase in tourism has affected the economy and business in Bali as well as Indonesia?

Indonesian tourism is in itself a big business contributing to around 4.1 percent to the nation’s GDP. Further, it provides a good share of 6.9 percent towards Indonesian employment sector.

Bali’s tourism information center plays a crucial role in promoting provincial Bali tours. Bali’s tourism industry has contributed significantly to raising the standards of living and lifestyle.

Bali’s tourist influx has motivated investors to re-direct their focus towards this Indonesian island. As a result, Bali now has ample restaurants, villas, luxury resorts, and recreation centers. In fact, they all indirectly contributing to the growth of Indonesian tourism sector.

The contribution of art, tradition, and culture can’t be neglected. In recent years, Bali has seen a lot of positive growth in terms of music, carvings, dance, and paintings. Handicrafts and other local souvenirs of Bali are winning the hearts of tourists.

Is it now causing more harm than good?

  1. It is undeniable to say that the growth of Bali tourism is raising its global prominence. People visiting Bali are more enthusiastic in learning about the cultural and traditional significance of Bali. You can witness the presence of many global cultural researchers here to dig into Bali’s rich and authentic culture. Cultural exchange is one of the critical reasons for global tourists to prefer Bali as their holiday destination.

In fact, tourists prefer Bali over Indonesia as their holiday destination. The income being generated from Bali tourism is utilized in improvising the healthcare services, educational services, and sustainable tourism activities of Bali.

Many travelers had permanently decided to launch their business here in Bali. This has, in turn, contributed towards improvising the conditions of other resources and equipment in Bali. Global business touch is providing ample opportunities for Bali locals to get employed and prosper. It has also been one of the active sources for promoting local products of Bali on an international scale.

Why Indians are a major part of tourists in Bali?

Indonesia’s Bali island is a hub for marine sporting adventure, cultural activities, and fascinating natural beauty. There has been a steep increase in the flow of Indian tourists between 2013 to 2017. Here are some reasons why Indians mostly prefer Bali for their rejuvenation –

Private Beach Romantic Dinner –

If you look at the Bali tourist statistics, honeymoon couples have been visiting Bali most frequently. As a part of Bali stay, most of the resorts here do organize a romantic candlelight dinner for the couples visiting here.

Heaps of adventurous activities –

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