Wild Artistry Photography Reveals Their Lightroom Presets

Wild Artistry  Photography  Reveals Their Lightroom Presets

Saint Petersburg, FL – (February 12, 2019) Photographer Hannah Davis of Wild Artistry Photography is set to launch a new website where she will offer her Lightroom Presets. The tentative launch date is February 23, 2019.  The preset collections will include edits from Bali, the Bahamas, and some of her local shoots.

Lightroom presets are saved edit settings which allow photographers to apply a series of edits across multiple photos quickly.  Each photographer has a unique editing style, which can be replicated if they share their preset settings. Some professional photographers prefer to  keep their presets private. They do not want to expose what they perceive as trade secrets,

“Editing is almost a requirement for photographers. You rarely point, click, and end up with the desired image. I am making my presets available for two reasons. First, I want novice photographers to have an easy way to create professionally edited photos. Second, photography is art and should be shared. By allowing others to see how we create, we can all learn and grow as artists and photographers.” said Hannah Davis, Wild Artistry Photography.

It is important to note that presets are not considered a one click solution to editing.  Most professional photographers use them as a starting point, then tweak the edits to achieve the best final image.  Every photo is unique and may require adjustments after the preset is applied. However, the time saved and ability to replicate a specific style by using presets make them highly sought after.  

Wild Artistry’s presets will be available at wildartistrypresets.com in late February.  The collections will be delivered via instant download. Pricing is expected to be $50 for a collection of ten presets.

About Wild Artistry Photography

Founder Hannah Davis  is a professional photographer located in St Petersburg, FL. She and her partner Jasmine travel the world, capturing gorgeous photos along the way. They also have a studio in Florida and host events around the U.S. The unique Wild Artistry style aims to highlight their subject’s inner creative spirit.


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