World-Class Business Leaders Share Their Profound Predictions for Those Wondering What Awaits in 2021

World-Class Business Leaders Share Their Profound Predictions for Those Wondering What Awaits in 2021
For those wondering what awaits in 2021, Pooler presents an impressive group of World-Class Business Impact Makers to share their predictions, expert opinions and tips to provide encouragement moving into what can certainly be a year of abundance, health and happiness.

Dr. Richard Shuster, Clinical Psychologist and CEO of Your Success Insights predicts that self-care is here to stay. Shuster advises keeping goals concise and not spreading oneself too thin to maintain a healthy work/life balance.  

Alka Sharma, Founder, CEO of Alka’s Total Fitness anticipates new and exciting exercises, such as Kangoo jumps, being released. Sharma advises the importance of incorporating fitness and nutrition to stay on track with overall health and wellness. 

Josef Stetter, Corporate Culturist and Career Coach, Founder of the Celebrate Group and Land YOUR Dream Job foresees brand new career opportunities being created and companies making bigger efforts to be socially responsible, treating staffs better and celebrating and encouraging a proactive approach. 

Caroline Purvey, MA(Ed), Transformational Leader, Global Self-Help, Well-Being Change-Maker, International Best-Selling Author, and Speaker predicts that there will be a seismic global shift in the approach to well-being in regards to more interest and acceptance towards natural, self-help options previously considered taboo.  

Bilyana Georgieva is an Award-Winning Speaker, LinkedIn Micro-Influencer, Trainer, and TEDx Speaker who sees dominant-communities forming with others who are like-minded. She views intuition at work and basing decisions “made from the heart” being more profitable in the long run. 

Wayne Marlton, Founder of Copywrite Dynamite, High-Converting Copywriter and Sales Strategist predicts a colossal amount of business to be run online. With this, businesses will have a tremendous need for high-converting copywriters to engage with, and close, their ideal clients. Marlton’s advice is for many to consider a good copywriter an investment, not a cost.

Brigitte Tritt, Wellness Entrepreneur, Holistic Lifestyle Advocate, Rapid Transformational Therapist and Founder and CEO of BEmpowered Thoughts believes that 2021 will bring more time for reflection and will offer a much simpler life. Her expert tip is encouraging individuals to invest in themselves to find internal calm, clarity and peace.

Talia Adika, World-Renowned Benefits Specialist, specializing in the U.S. health insurance market, advises those who are not at risk to not take the Covid-19 vaccine until after a year or two, until knowing more about possible side effects.

Jeannetta Collier, Author, Life and Business Coach, predicts individuals needing to master the art of pivoting, professionally and personally, in order to remain relevant and maintain a sustainable future. Collaboration will be key, for success, in 2021!

Vaska Krabbe, Visionary Brand Architect, Speaker and Designer, recognizes that in 2021 that one-size- does not fit all. Her philosophy is that individuals need to establish their personal and professional brand, noting that one’s brilliance is their trademark.

Barbara Vercruysse is a Mentor, Mindset and Business Coach and Public Speaker, and her biggest tip for 2021 is to never under-estimate the resilience of the human spirit. She advises to never stop learning and to recognize that any obstacle is something that one can overcome with the right mindset. 

Mahesh Sriram, International Model, Actor and Entrepreneur, sees the new year as a remarkable time for individuals to embark on new journeys. With many spending so much time indoors they have had time to nurture interests and harness powerful energies. It is now time to bring those to life!

Tamara L. Hunter, Guide to Non-Profit and For-Profit Organizations recommends individuals to follow their passions and to surround themselves with others who are motivated to get things done. She also shares the importance of being grateful and entering relationships with an open-heart, open-mind and discernment and to be open to following the energy of expansion and receiving abundantly. 

Shayne Warden, Executive Director CICS LTD, Industrial Cleaning, Biohazard, Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaning Specialist advises creating one’s own light to step into. In Warden’s words, “the time is now” to focus on things that individuals can control to position their company for growth, to pivot and to embrace the digital age that is up ahead.

Looking ahead to 2021, Pooler himself predicts businesses and individuals to rebuild, and sees a bright, new future awaiting! 



Mark Stephen Pooler is the Founder, Editor in Chief, Media & News Publisher of MSP News Global. Mark oversees the company’s media business, as well as its intersection with global business leaders. Prior to forming MSP News Global in 2020, Mark spent his time as a Professional Speaker, International Bestselling Author, Radio Host, and PR & Media Specialist. Mark is also the Founder of TMSP Agency, a Premium Media and PR Agency. Here Mark helps high-profile entrepreneurs share their stories through the use of PR and digital media to become known globally. When not working with his valued clients, Mark enjoys spending time with Lilly, his four-legged bestie.


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