An Interview with Life Coach, Lisa Cheatham


Life Coach Lisa Cheatham Is Proof That There Is More To Life After An Abusive Relationship


How did you find your purpose? 


I found my purpose simply by going through a divorce with a narcissist, the process of which was incredibly brutal and damaging, because narcissists are so manipulative. They have absolutely no qualms about hurting their own children, too, if it will make things more difficult for you.  


But I had to get out and find a way to support myself and my children, because I knew that my life could be so different if I did. I thought that I could be a Health Coach and help my son as well, who is diabetic. While I was doing the training for that – all while going through my divorce – I realised that what I really wanted was to be a Life Coach and help others going through similar situations 


Once I’d had this realisation, I dived in head first, immersing myself and learning every bit of information that I could. Through my own journey and now in helping others as a qualified Life Coach, I know that this approach works! I honestly cant imagine how I would have gotten through it all had it not been for my work and my own coaches.  


What led you to this point?  


After being in an abusive relationship and then marriage for almost 20 years, I just wanted to feel alive again, to find the person who had been lost for so long, and live the rest of my life on my own terms. I had suffered enough and I knew that I could do something meaningful with my life if I could just get out. Now, with my coaching and jewellery businesses, I finally feel alive, excited, hopeful and so, so grateful 


How did it feel when you landed and successfully coached your first client? 


Landing my first client was a great feeling in itself. To then successfully coach her to a place of real happiness, self-reliance, self-love and inner peace was the most amazing feeling ever. It’s addictive, actually – you just want to do it over and over! And I just love that I have the tools to guide people to find their true purpose and flourish 


What mistakes did you make and how could you have avoided them?  


I would say that worrying too much was one of my biggest mistakes. In the beginning, I was so worried about my four boys, providing for themand wondering where we were going to live and how I was going to make a living. I was scared to death of my future! But worrying literally just holds you back and attracts more of what you’re worried aboutTo truly feel in your bones that you are supported, capable and will be okay no matter what is the key to success. So be careful not to overwhelm yourself and make sure that every day your focus is just on doing the next right thing. Always aim to take one more step, and be kind to yourself and nurture yourself.  


What have people’s reactions been like towards you? What are the highlights and how did you deal with any negative reactions?  


Most people have been very supportive of my journey. There were definitely many that were shocked and some people were even offended that they didn’t know what I had been going thought for all those years, but mostly it’s been positive. People I know or have worked with have referred clients to me and joined groups and masterminds, and it’s been so nice to share my success with those who want the best for me and vice-versa.  


As far as negative reactions go, there have been some, of course. But this is a time of cleansing! People come in and out of our lives all the time, and sometimes you just have to let people go who are toxic, don’t support you and, quite honestly, are threatened by your strength and who you have become. There will always be those who want you to stay small. But I don’t want to fight or argue – if someone is not in alignment with me and brings me down, I simply let them go with love. I release their actions back to them so that they may experience the joy of creating that which defines them. I am no longer available to carry the burdens of others. I am free.  


What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?  


My biggest challenge has definitely been my children. I have had to guide and support them through an extremely nasty divorce, from their father who uses and manipulates them to get to me and refuses to co-parent (we haven’t spoken in three years!) It has been extremely difficult and stressful to say the least, and I did not do everything right by any means. But every day I get better. I am always learning to release my negative emotions so as to ensure I don’t get triggered and can feel overall more peaceful within. Being able to manage, feel and release emotions is an amazing tool, and it has helped both myself and my clients tremendously! 


How do you plan on further growing your business?  


Right now, I am enjoying working one-on-one with my VIP clients and giving my all to them. As far as my next steps, I am currently in the process of collaborating with two other coaches to offer a membership group, which will focus on achieving abundance in life. Myself and the other two coaches each have our own specialtieswhich makes this an amazing opportunity for us to reach even more people for better valueAt the same time, I am also growing my jewellery business, selling high-end, hand-made jewellery that represents power and beauty. And, I am glad to say that a portion of the proceeds from both of my businesses goes to a local woman’s shelter right here in New York. 

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