An Interview with Holistic Business Coach, Michele Parad

Introduce yourself! Share with us a little bit of yourself and what you do.

I am Michele Parad, a holistic business coach, and I help conscious and impact-driven entrepreneurs to articulate their gifts and mission and to package and design their business in a way that is soul-aligned.

I do this by using different spiritual tools such as gene keys and astrology and I utilized subconscious re-programming and energy healing to really help people move through their blocks, understand what their bigger vision is, and to give them business strategy frameworks to follow through with action to make that vision a reality. 


What was your journey? How did it all begin?

For most of my career, I worked in marketing and business development for different innovative technology companies. Whilst I definitely enjoyed aspects of what I was doing, about eight years ago I was going through a spiritual awakening where I healed myself from different types of ailments and started getting really interested in Kabbalah and other modalities and in the process, discovering my intuitive gifts. I started offering healing services to help people with anything from dealing with a disease to finding their soul mate; anything and everything they desired or had a challenge with.

But I couldn’t really quite make a full-time living from it, at least not to replace the tech salary I was accustomed to. It got me wondering, ‘What kind of business model would suit me best? That would be at the intersection of my passion, what I was good at, what the world needed and that would sustain me?’ Over time, I realized that I actually had a very specific niche and the people that were attracted to working with me wanted to start a business or movement or to re-invent themselves. I was working with them on a lot more than just the healing realm – I was utilizing my background to really help them move through their entrepreneurial journey with more grace and ease.

It was this realization that I didn’t have to keep my two worlds separate; that there was actually this intersection that made me really unique, having the intuition, the science, and the strategy, and weaving it all together. It became this journey of understanding how I could serve my niche at the highest level. My move into holistic business coaching (and soon incubator founder) also stemmed from observing problems and chaos in my direct environments at different startups and trying to think about a way of structuring a different system and approach to help businesses thrive. 

I had seen time and again just how much entrepreneurs struggled, from the lack of available aligned funding, support, to the lack of leadership abilities, self-sabotaging behavior, lack of self-care, and karmic patterns.



What kind of results have clients had through working with you?

It’s been such a rewarding experience to see my clients go on and actually start their businesses after years of being blocked and feeling like they couldn’t escape from their situation. Or they were feeling really disconnected from what they were doing at that point in time and I helped them understand what to do in the next iteration of their career or business. The biggest blessing is seeing that they’re out there pursuing their dreams.


What would you say to some of our readers who are feeling the same thing? What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give them?

What mostly holds us back is our entanglements with certain relationships, situations, and our beliefs about what is risky, and our comfort level with making leaps without knowing the outcome. I would say, look at all of the factors in your environment and what you’ve kept in your life – even though you really want to move away from it because you’ve evolved. Oftentimes people just stay in a place because of the fear of the unknown and what’s on the other side. The first step is to identify those beliefs that are holding you back, and release them. Deep down, we all know what is blocking us, and on the other side of letting go are the opportunities that have been waiting for us all this time.


Where can the readers find you?

They can find me on my website at where I have many free resources including the brilliance archetype quiz which helps people to think about how to structure their business and life to allow the archetype within them to thrive. 

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